Scrumptious Dim Sum at Tim Ho Wan

June 15, 2015

Sharing my review of Tim Ho Wan.

Tim Ho Want Pork Buns
Pork Buns

I should have readily believed my friend when, with seeming urgency, he told me to try Tim Ho Wan's pork buns. Everybody's raving about it, he said. I instantly felt ashamed of myself after realizing how I reacted by saying "ah, siopao" when he told me about these pork buns.

Alas, Siopao tastes nowhere near these pork buns. Those meat pastries are unlike anything I have tasted before. It's a whole new experience on its own. First off, I could not get over how delicious the bread is. It is softly crunchy, probably subtly toasted, and mildly milky sweet. The tangy, savory meat filling with its tasty sauce, complements it well. I can definitely finish off an order of this.

Tim Ho Wan Radish Cake
Radish Cake

Since it was our first time in Tim Ho Wan, we definitely tried their signature dishes. I had spare ribs rice. It was flavorful and enjoyable to eat. We also had steamed shrimp siomai, shrimp and pork siomai,
spring rolls, spinach siomai, and radish cake. All were really good side dishes; very fresh and tasty.

Tim Ho Wan Prawn dumpling
Prawn dumpling

Tim Ho Wan Spinach dumpling with shrimp
Spinach dumpling with shrimp

Tim Ho Wan Pork spare ribs with rice
Pork spare ribs with rice

Tim Ho Want Vermicelli roll with shrimp
Vermicelli roll with shrimp

Tim Ho Wan Rice with beef and fried egg
Rice with beef and fried egg

Considering Tim Ho Wan's current popularity, I expected our bill to be pricey. To my surprise, I only had to pay P1,000 for two. Another notable aspect of this restaurant is its fast service. Waiting time for seats is quick and food was served at lightning speed.

Kudos, Tim Ho Wan!

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