A Review of Saboten at BGC

September 10, 2014

Delicious tonkatsu and other Japanese food favorites at Saboten.

Pickled cucumber and turnip Saboten
Pickled cucumber and turnip

Famished on a Friday evening, we settled for Saboten which we deemed a quiet nook in Serendra. The place is reflective of its outlet in Glorietta -- zen, clean, and minimalist. There were very few diners that evening; understandable because it was already close to midnight.

After surveying the menu, I got myself a miso katsu loin set. Before our orders came, we were served the usual grated cabbage, pickles, and turnip. It was a good appetizer; the dressing was tasty and tangy with the right balance of sourness and saltiness. The pickled cucumber was also good, still crunchy and refreshing with each bite.

Unlimited cabbage salad Saboten Unlimited cabbage salad

Miso soup SabotenMiso soup

As usual, the miso soup was warming and excellent. It was always a perfect way to begin your meal at Saboten. Now, for the main course. It came in a saucepan, with a slab of loin on a thick, fragrant sauce. It was such a great change from the usual katsu which tends to get dry and tasteless after a few bites.

This dish was really savory and good. The sauce lends a sweet-salty taste to the meat. A cup of rice is never enough with this explosive dish.

It was one of my most satisfying meals that week. And for P410, it was definitely a good deal.

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