Dekada, A New Take on Pinoy Cuisine

April 18, 2015

Sharing my review of Dekada Filipino food.

Dekada, A New Take on Pinoy Cuisine
We went out for a late lunch at Dekada in Glorietta when we were out shopping for gifts. The name itself foretells what to expect from the restaurant -- good old, Filipino cuisine.

Growing up in Nueva Ecija and being exposed to the culinary geniuses of grand aunts, I have a somewhat different perspective of what Pinoy cooking should be.

Adobo should have rich, thick sauce -- not the soupy type that you usually get from your office cafeteria or carinderia. Sinigang, while soup-based, should likewise be thickened by gabi. As such, my general idea when dining out is that I'd rather eat and try foreign cuisine for fear that if I order a Filipino dish, it might just fall below my "standards." Pinoy cuisine, when deemed "ordinary" would rather be eaten in a carinderia. Alas, when my sister-in-law mentioned Dekada, I was a bit apprehensive. But my wife and the rest of our companions would like to try it, thus, democracy ruled.

The restaurant isn't really spacious; it was just perfect for intimate gatherings. We were three families of around six eating at that time but it didn't really feel crowded. We ordered a salad-appetizer of greens and pomelo with a sprinkling of tinapa, Pork Siningang, beef salpicao and a deconstructed Bicol Express -- crispy, crunchy, fatty lechon kawali with a rich and spicy coconut-based sauce.

The salad-appetizer was really good, the taste of tinapa adding a different dimension to the flavor. The pomelo was a bit sour but refreshing. I found the sinigang ordinary and the beef salpicao a bit too sweet, which I also did not like. But the Bicol Express was really a delight to the palate. I love the crispiness of the meat and the richness of the sauce. It was perfect ulam.

Overall, it was a delightful lunch. But will I return to Dekada? Maybe not anytime soon. Will I recommend it? Yes, for the cozy atmosphere and the yummy Bicol Express.

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