Find out why we love The Sandwich Guy

May 15, 2015

Sandwich Guy food review.

Find out why we love The Sandwich Guy

On days when Khris and I could not think of a good dinner to eat, or when we are just too tired (or lazy) to cook, we would usually order from The Sandwich Guy.

There is one kiosk that is conveniently near the office so we have the option to have our orders delivered or to drop by at the store. The Sandwich Guy has a good selection of sandwiches that are healthy and filling, not to mention delicious as well. Our favorites are the Ultimate Roast Beef and Pollo Rosmarino.

The Ultimate Roast Beef sandwich is generously overloaded with thin slices of smoky, tender, and flavorful beef. Each bite is indeed heaven for all meat lovers.

The Pollo Rosmarino, meanwhile, contains hefty chunks of roast herbed chicken. What I like about it is that it is well-infused with fragrant herbs that add a mild flavor to the chicken meat.

These two varieties are loaded with slices of crisp cucumber, fresh tomatoes, crisp lettuce, sweet white onions, and cheddar cheese. The fresh vegetables are great in tempering the richness of the savory filling for a balanced flavor.

The Sandwich Guy also uses slightly toasted whole wheat bread that adds another texture to each bite. Plus, the whole wheat bread is a guilt-free alternative to the usual white bread.

You might also want to try the Cheezy Bacon Baked Potato. This is at par with the best-baked potatoes in town with its generous sprinkling of toasted bacon and rich cheese sauce. I have also tried Creamy Carbonara Pasta but I did not like it too much because the sauce is too heavy with cream.

For a fair amount of P300 for two people, it's definitely an affordable and satisfying sandwich meal. Delivery is also fast.

Some other varieties that you might want to try are Grilled Cheese, Italian Style, Pulled Pork, Tofu, BBQ Chicken, Chicken Caesar, Veggie Delight, HBLT, Beef & Bacon, Country Tuna, and Crabstick & Mangoes.

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