A Review of Cafe Breton

September 20, 2013

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Cafe Breton Delicious Tarzan
Delicious Tarzan

Cafe Breton is a name that has, for me, become synonymous with sweet and savory crepes. Admittedly, Cafe Breton is not really a brand that is at the top of my mind but when we see one, we would always go there for coffee and dessert, a welcome change from the other usual coffee shops that we visit.

What we love most about Cafe Breton, in any of the branches that we have been to, is their cozy ambiance -- soft lights, Mediterranean decors, great music, and delicious food. The personnel are likewise very attentive.

I have tried Galette Paysanne. It's more of a breakfast dish composed of whole Hungarian sausage, onions, eggs, and asparagus with cheese sauce. The Hungarian sausage is what it should be -- spicy and meaty. This dish is quite pricey for its almost P300 tag.

One of our favorites here though is Chicken Run, an open-faced sandwich consisting of chicken breast fillet topped with asparagus and cheese on a whole wheat toast served with a side salad. It's very filling yet healthy and light, perfect for snacks or dinner. For P175, it's very affordable.

Our all-time favorite dessert here, however, is Tarzan. It's a very simple sweet crepe consisting of sliced bananas and condensed milk. While the ingredients are very basic, the combination of soft yet slightly chewy crepe, sweet bananas, and condensed milk is very good. It's a light dessert that even calorie-conscious people would love.

I also like Cafe Breton's coffee selections because these are strong, not really sweet, and a bit bitter. I once tried Vanilla Liegeois, a cold coffee composed of espresso, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup. It's a rich, creamy vanilla coffee with a bit of kick. But what I really like to pair with my dessert is their hot Cappuccino; a little milky and very strong.

A cup of hot, strong cappuccino Cafe Breton
A cup of hot, strong cappuccino

It's always a good dining experience at Cafe Breton, a welcome change from the usual coffee and pastries offered by other shops around the metro.

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