Lucky Me! Milky Me Noodles Review

October 12, 2023

Sharing my review of Lucky Me! Milky Me instant noodles.

Lucky Me! noodles have always been an essential part of almost every Filipino household's pantry. That's because Lucky Me! noodles are affordable, easy to prepare, delicious, filling, and they also have added nutrients in them. I honestly grew up eating Lucky Me! noodles -- both the mami (noodles with soup) and the pancit canton versions. I would usually have the Lucky Me! mami for breakfast and sometimes Lucky Me! pancit canton for dinner. The funny thing is since I've been eating Lucky Me! pancit canton for a long time, I could say that I've witnessed (or tasted) the evolution of the flavor of this noodle variant.

Lucky Me! Milky Me Noodles Review

Lucky Me! Milky Me Noodles Review

A few months ago, Lucky Me! launched a new noodle variant called Lucky Me! Milky Me mami. It's a noodle soup with a twist because of the added creaminess of milk. Yes, the milk went well with the overall savory flavor of this noodle product.

What's even better is that Lucky Me! Milky Me has 25% less sodium. Even so, because of its creamy and milky taste, it still tastes yummy.

Aside from that, Lucky Me! Milky Me contains real vegetables and is high on Vitamin C to keep the immune system strong. Kids and parents will definitely love Lucky Me! Milky Me noodles.

Lucky Me! Milky Me noodles come in two delicious variants -- the Milky Chicken and Milky Corn. We personally love the Milky Chicken at home because of its delicious and savory taste. It also has lots of carrot bits which, again, was a plus for us knowing that the kids can eat some vegetables while enjoying a delicious bowl of Lucky Me! Milky Me Chicken.

Where to buy Lucky Me! Milky Me noodles? Well, Lucky Me! Milky Me noodles are available in leading grocery stores, supermarkets, convenience stores, your neighborhood sari-sari stores, and even online shops like Lazada and Shopee. The suggested retail price is P18 per pack although discounts are always available when you shop online.

How about you, does your family also like Lucky Me! Milky Me noodles? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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