Visit David's Tea House if you want good and authentic Chinese food

November 21, 2014

Delicious Chinese food at David's Tea House.

After weeks of being busy and having no time to go out, my wife and I decided to relax and slow down a bit. We thought of a Friday evening date and a chance to try David's Tea House at A. Venue along Makati Avenue.

David's Tea House Steamed broccoli topped with garlic bits
Steamed broccoli topped with garlic bits

Visit David's Tea House if you want good and authentic Chinese food

It was an easy choice because my wife and I are both fans of Chinese cuisine. I am also particularly fond of the Jupiter-Makati Ave. area because of its fun and upbeat vibe. David's Tea House's specialty is Hong Kong-style dishes.

There were just a few diners that evening. Upon entering, I immediately liked the modern and above-average class ambiance of this place. There are round tables for big groups while there are also square ones for smaller groups. This branch is very spacious, perhaps because of the small number of people that night. I have been to their Greenbelt location but it can get crowded during lunchtime.

Because it was a special night for us, we decided to have a feast. We ordered steamed lapu-lapu, salt and pepper pork ribs, steamed broccoli with garlic, kuchay dumpling and hot prawn salad.

The broccoli with garlic was very nice to the bite because it was steamed perfectly. It was cooked thoroughly but not wilted; it retained its pleasant crunch. The toasted garlic lent flavor to it.

I love kuchay dumpling but there was something different with this branch's version. It still tasted good but something was lacking. Perhaps the kuchay tasted a little too fresh and raw.

David's Tea House Kuchay dumpling
Kuchay dumpling
The hot prawn salad is another great appetizer. It also tasted good but it was not warm when it was served to us. I liked the version of The Legend better because the coating of the shrimp was thin and crunchy. David's Tea House's version had a thicker and chewier coating.

David's Tea House Prawn Salad
 Prawn Salad
My wife and I are fish lovers and steamed lapu-lapu is an all-time favorite dish. It is light, fresh, and not overly seasoned. Their version here was also very fresh but it somehow had a subtle fishy taste to it. It was delicious, the meat was firm and the soy seasoning was perfect. Only there was a slight aftertaste to it although it was not annoying.

David's Tea House Steamed lapu-lapu
Steamed lapu-lapu

David's Tea House pork spareribs
We also ordered pork spareribs
For drinks, we ordered two bottomless glasses of refreshing iced tea. Our bill that evening was P1,780. Not bad, considering our many delicious orders. Overall, it was a good experience. Service was fast and
efficient. The service crew was very courteous. The ambiance was homey and really relaxing.

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