Greenery Kitchen: Healthy Vegetarian Meals delivered at your doorstep

April 01, 2018

Sharing my review of Greenery Kitchen vegetarian food delivery.

Greenery Kitchen

I am a fan of healthy eating. While I am not so much of a fruit fan, I try to eat a balanced meal consisting of lean meat, fish, and vegetable. However, it can be a challenge to eat sensibly when you are busy at work.

Greenery Kitchen: Healthy Vegetarian Meals delivered at your doorstep

It was a good thing that a friend recently referred a vegetarian meal delivery service called Greenery Kitchen. They are located in Makati City so if you are an office worker in the Central Business District, you can order your healthy lunch from them.

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A Review of Greenery Kitchen

Greenery Kitchen offers packed vegetarian lunches on a daily basis, except on holidays. As if by magic, they have the uncanny ability to turn meat dishes into vegetarian cuisines using only tofu and veggie meat. I have tried their fishless sinigang sa miso and it was good; the soup was flavorful and the tofu was like fish fillet. Another notable dish is their meatless “pork” adobo; cubes of veggie meat are turned into this classic Pinoy favorite.

Greenery Kitchen bistek

One must also try their malunggay “dilis” or crispy malunggay leaves flavored with a slightly sweet-spicy coating that is akin to that of the popular dilis snack commonly bought from street vendors.   

If you feel like you might get tired of their lunches, then fear not because they have different dishes everyday each week. Should you be interested to order, do check out their Facebook page as they post their menu here. You may order by sending them a test message of your chosen dish and their delivery address.

Speaking of delivery, they are very prompt. They will advise you if they will be late, the latest that I have experienced from them is around 12:30 PM.

Decoding Vegetarianism

Vegetarianism is the practice of abstaining from meat, fish, shellfish, poultry, and animal by-products such as eggs and milk. This practice was born as more and more people oppose eating meat out of respect for life and animal rights.

There are main forms of vegetarianism: Ovo-lacto vegetarianism in which people still consume eggs and milk, Ovo vegetarianism in which eggs are the only animal products consumed, Lacto vegetarianism in which practitioners consume only milk and milk products such as cheese, and vegan diet in which people subsist on a purely plant-based diet.

Greenery Kitchen meal kits

On another note, people turn to vegetarianism because of its supposed numerous benefits to the human body. It is said that vegetarianism is beneficial to the cardiovascular system, is good for the joints, and decreases the likelihood of developing certain kinds of cancers. 

But even with the many benefits of taking on a vegetarian diet, it can be difficult for some to eschew meat over green and leafy vegetables. The sight of a strip of crispy bacon or a slab of juicy steak is enough to crumble one’s resolve toward giving up meat.

The rise of veggie meat and meat substitutes

With the challenges posed by abstinence from meat, the demand for veggie meat and other meat substitutes rose. These are vegetable products that are made to look and taste like real meat. Even the chewy texture comes close to that of authentic meat.

Other fruits and vegetables can actually be flavorful meat substitutes. Take for example lentils, eggplants, mushrooms, tofu (not a vegetable per se but a product made of soy), and jackfruit that can be made into savory dishes.

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