Delicious Mexican Food at Taco Bell

September 19, 2014

Sharing my dining experience at Taco Bell.

Delicious Mexican Food at Taco Bell

Taco Bell was launched in, I think, around the middle of the last decade but in terms of imagery, it is still in its confused stage. It does not seem to be decided yet whether it will target the mass market or the more affluent segment.

Nonetheless, whichever direction it will decide to go, it holds great potential although I believe Taco Bell will be more successful if it goes “fast food.” With the right strategy, Taco Bell will be top of mind when it comes to great tacos and Mexican dishes.

I validated this when, for the first time, I tasted Taco Bell at their flagship branch in Gateway. It’s a medium-sized, modern space located on the ground floor of the mall. While not really big, the place itself was comfortable and clean.

Thirsty and dehydrated, coming from a perilous MRT ride, I immediately guzzled the cool and refreshing Lime Slush as soon as I got hold of it. It was a lime-based drink with finely-shaved ice. It was good and cold, fruity and sweet with a hint of sourness. Do not drink it too fast though for it will give you a brain freeze.

Hungry, I proceeded to the Taco Supreme right away. I took cautious bites though for fear that the taco shell might pierce my gums. The crunchy shell was filled with tasty beef, cheese shreds, chopped lettuce, and diced tomatoes balanced with reduced-fat sour cream. 

I found the beef really tasty with the acidic ingredients cutting the richness. Now, I know why Taco Bell is famous for its tacos. I was told that it was best paired with Potato Bites – bite-sized fried potatoes that are crunchy outside and soft inside. I like the contrast in texture as well as the slightly smoky barbecue taste. It was really delicious.

I also got to try another tasty offering, the Nachos Supreme. It was seasoned beef, beans, cheese, tomatoes, and sour cream. This is great as a filling snack.

The winner, for me, is the Crunchwrap Supreme. It is a warm, soft, flour tortilla filled with seasoned beef, warm nacho cheese sauce, a crunchy tostada shell, reduced-fat sour cream, lettuce, and tomatoes and then grilled. I like the chewiness of the wrapper which makes this dish really addicting to eat, aside from its great taste and texture. This is a must-order in Taco Bell!

Another victor is the Mexican Pizza. It is two crisp pizza shells filled with seasoned beef, and hearty beans and then topped with pizza sauce, a three-cheese blend melted to perfection, and topped with diced ripe tomatoes. This is another filling snack or light dinner.

Lastly, without much expectation, I reached for a piece of nacho inside the Bucket Nacho. To my surprise, the crunchy chip had a strong corn taste, much unlike other tasteless varieties. You can even eat it without the cheese dip. Plus, it did not feel like it will hurt my mouth when I eat it.

For the great taste and fast service, the price was very reasonable. I think it’s safe to allot around P700 for two people. All in all, it was a great first-time experience. My wife also loved the Taco Supreme and Crunchwrap Supreme.

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