Partager Potato Chips Review

October 19, 2023

Sharing my review of the delicious Partager Potato Chips.

If you are looking for a unique snack idea, then you should definitely try Partager (French for "to share") potato chips. It's not your ordinary potato chips because it's covered in premium chocolate and caramel to give you a not-so-ordinary combination of sweet and salty flavors.

Partager Potato Chips Review

Partager Potato Chips Review

    How I discovered Partager

    I got to try Partager last year when I received three bags (Milk Chocolate, White Chocolate, and Salted caramel-coated potato chips) of it as a Christmas gift from my officemate. It was my first time to learn about the Partager brand so I immediately became curious about it. 

    As a first impression, I thought the packaging of Partager looked premium, and that's not to mention the chocolate flavors also seemed to be of high quality. I thought that Partager would really make great gift items. Of course, I was also excited to try it.

    Trying Partager for the first time

    Mommy Khris and I were excited to open the bags of Partager potato chips. The instruction in the bag said that the potato chips are best eaten when chilled, so that's what we did. We put the bags in the refrigerator. We initially opened the Milk Chocolate and it was delicious. 

    Partager Potato Chips

    The milk chocolate went well with the salty potato chips. However, I liked the Salted Caramel potato chips even better. for me, it provided the right balance of sweetness and saltiness (the milk chocolate was a little too sweet for me). The White Chocolate is also fine but I thought that it tasted a little too sweet.

    Partager Menu

    Partager offers the following products:

    • Salted Caramel Chocolate Potato Chips (P125)
    • Dark Chocolate Potato Chips (P120)
    • Salted Caramel Banana Thins (P220)
    • White Chocolate Potato Chips (P120)
    • Gourmet Truffle Potato Chips (P360)
    • Milk Chocolate Potato Chips (P120)
    • Assorted Chocolate-Covered Strawberries (P355)
    • Sun-Dried Kiwi Covered in Dark Chocolate (P199)
    • Dried Green Mango in Belgian Dark Chocolate with Sea Salt Flakes (P275)
    • Petite Gourmet Dried Fruits Gift Box (P289)
    • Petite Sample Bag (P845)
    • Chocolat Frais (P225)

    How to order from Partager

    You can order from Partager through its Facebook page or via its website. Once you have paid for your orders, you may have the items picked up via GrabExpress or Lalamove. I'm not sure if Partager has a physical store but its address is at San Antonio Village, Makati City.

    Here are Partager's contact details:

    • Facebook: Facebook
    • Number: +63 998 913 7023

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