Mesa offers outstanding Filipino Food

October 10, 2013

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Mesa offers outstanding Filipino Food

Mesa is best known for its outstanding take on Filipino cuisine. Food is prepared the traditional way but presented in a way that is artfully pleasing. The place is like an antique dining room; it was warm and welcoming. Mesa is a restaurant that is perfect for big family celebrations or commemorating special occasions with friends.

I particularly like the pork binagoongan, bangus belly, pork sisig with egg, and mixed grilled meats. The pork binagoongan is unforgettable, with its huge chunks of rich-tasting pork belly simmered in a savory sauce of shrimp paste. The sauce is bursting with flavor and was not too salty nor fishy. The oil from the pork fat also lent so much flavor to the sauce. It was so good with steaming hot rice. The bangus belly is likewise superb with its layer of mild-tasting fat. It's a great dish for healthy eaters.

The pork sisig is pleasantly crunchy and not too fatty. Its great flavors were further heightened by the egg. You cannot eat this sisig with just a cup of rice.

The mix of grilled seafood and meats was also good although I think it is best eaten with a bottle of icy cold beer.

Service here is fast and efficient. For the awesome food and excellent ambiance, the price is just right at around P1,000 for two people.

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