How to make a cheap yet satisfying warm choco lava cake

April 27, 2018

Choco lava cake recipe hack.

A decadent and warm choco lava cake is one of the ultimate comforting desserts one could indulge in. Unfortunately, it can be hard to find one easily when one’s craving calls for it, not to mention that it is quite pricey.

How to make a cheap yet satisfying warm choco lava cake

This happened to us one late Saturday evening. We were having coffee and, out of nowhere, we were suddenly talking about how nice it would be to have a warm choco lava cake with our drink. After careful thought, and with the acceptance that it would be pointless to go out that late, we thought of a quick and cheap alternative, sort of a no-bake hack.

Fudgee bar choco cake

We asked our house help to buy us Fudgee bars, those choco-filled sponge bars. I then took out three of the cakes from their wrappers and warmed them in the microwave. The first batch was a bit of a disaster because I heated them for 5 minutes; I thought it was just the right amount of time. However, 5 minutes was too long. As a result, my cakes were a bit dry and had slightly burnt edges, rendering them with a bitter taste.

I wanted to perfect my little project so I took out the remaining two bars and put them in the microwave for three minutes. The result was perfectly warmed pastries, still moist and with runny chocolate filling. It was quite good and went well with our hot cup of coffee. Of course, it was not so much and it was nowhere near a bona fide choco lava cake in terms of quality but it sure did the trick in satisfying our craving. On a different occasion, we also tried this with the custard-filled variant of a Fudgee bar and it was also satisfying.

Fudgee bar milk custard cake

That’s it! Enjoy your warm choco lava cake!

Things to remember when warming your Fudgee bar:

  • Do not overheat it in the microwave as it can get burned. Set the timer to around 3 minutes only.
  • Remove the cupcake liner (the paper) when heating it.
  • Always use a microwaveable plate (preferably glass) or container
  • Always be careful when dealing with heat.

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