Enjoyable Dining Experience at Josephine's Tagaytay

May 18, 2017

Enjoyable family dining at Josephine's Tagaytay.

Grilled tuna belly at Josephine's Tagaytay
Grilled tuna belly

We had our family lunch here at Josephine's during one of our weekend outings in Tagaytay. The first thing that you would notice is the spaciousness of the place.

Enjoyable Dining Experience at Josephine's Tagaytay

The ceiling is high and the windows are big to let natural light in. The doors are likewise big, allowing the cold Tagaytay breeze inside. From where we were seated, we had a good view of Taal Lake and Taal Volcano.

For starters, we ordered Gambas. This is not one of their best dishes, I did not find it at all delicious. It had a large serving but I couldn't get a taste of the shrimps at all. It also had an unappetizing and unnatural red coloring to it.

Sizzling gambas at Josephine's Tagaytay
Sizzling gambas

We also ordered cheesy baked oysters. Now, this is really good. The oysters are very fresh and taste sweet. It was baked just right with the melted cheese on top further enhancing the flavor of the oysters.

Baked oysters at Josephine's Tagaytay
Baked oysters

For mains, we ordered sinigang na baboy which was good and comforting as what sinigang should be. The broth is steaming hot with just the right level of sourness.

Sinigang na baboy at Josephine's Tagaytay
Sinigang na baboy

Meanwhile, we also had crispy kare-kare. It was a delicious kare-kare but instead of beef and ox tripe, it was topped with tasty, cholesterol-rich crispy pata. We found it quite hard to stop eating this dish.

Crispy kare-kare at Josephine's Tagaytay
Crispy kare-kare

An assortment of dipping sauces at Josephine's Tagaytay
An assortment of dipping sauces

Lastly, we also got grilled tuna belly. It was also tasty but nothing really spectacular about it. The experience would have been better if the waiters were fast enough to get our orders. Unfortunately, we had to wait a long and even had to call a waiter twice before our orders were taken.

Also, when we asked for water, the water bottle came with a used fork inside; not a good sign of cleanliness and attentiveness. Good thing we noticed it before we even began pouring the water into our glasses.

We paid P2,000 for six people. Not bad since we came out really full and satisfied.

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