Good old college memories at Rodic's Diner

June 19, 2012

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Rodic's Diner review
Rodics Diner is a name that conjures good, old college memories. During our college days at UP Diliman, my friends and I would treat ourselves to a Rodics tapsilog after exams or a major project. Back then, that simple meal was already a satisfying indulgence for us. Rodics offers a whole lot of rice meals, all at budget-friendly prices for us students. However, our favorite meal here is the tapsilog.

That tapsilog was not even what you would consider as an extraordinary cuisine -- it consisted mainly of thin shavings of beef and a sunny-side-up fried egg over oily garlic fried rice. It tasted good, best paired with spicy vinegar to balance the saltiness and meaty richness of the tapa. It was cheap but for young college students like us back then, that was already one great reward for a semester of hard and intensive labor.

The place itself is like any other ordinary carinderias that you would find elsewhere. It was small and cramped with plastic mono-block chairs and wooden tables with ventilation provided by a small wall electric fan. And while the personnel are nice, you can't really expect them to treat you like royalty.

But beyond the superficial, you go to Rodics for the experience, because that is part of college life, because that is an integral component of UP culture and student life.

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Logo taken from Rodic's Diner's Facebook page.
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