Spending a little quiet time at Kopi Roti

November 15, 2012

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Kopi Roti

I was amazed and immediately attracted by the quaint simplicity of this place. It's a quiet little nook that invites you to snuggle inside with a good book over toast and coffee. We once stopped by here to rest and recharge over a cup of hot coffee and some bread. We came from a company event and were already from all the activities during the event. During the time when we went to Kopi Roti, it was close to midnight so the place was not so busy anymore.

Upon entering the restaurant, the smell of brewed coffee and tea immediately greeted us. There was a faint scent of butter and sugar wafting in the air. The aroma was inviting. The interiors looked vaguely like an art gallery; the patterned Terra Cotta floor tiles added more to the artistic vibe. It was like an oasis amidst the busy Katipunan Avenue. Immediately, I knew that we came to the right place.

We placed our order for hot coffee and kaya toast. I ordered Kopi 'O and "Roti" Kaya Toast. When we got our orders, we headed outside for a breath of air. We were greeted by a large open space with metal chairs and tables and huge umbrellas. We went to a comfortable spot to enjoy our midnight fill. The coffee was good and intense, a bit bitter which I liked. The Roti Kaya Toast was sweet, the taste reminded me of my favorite coco jam spread over warm bread. It went really well with the strong coffee.

An hour after, we were headed home but the great experience in Kopi Roti is something that is worth keeping. I'd like to definitely come back here when I have the time. For less than P150 per person, it's definitely worth visiting regularly.

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Logo taken from Kopi Roti's website.
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