TikTok Shop empowers Filipino sellers, creators, and small businesses by redefining the online shopping experience

June 07, 2024

TikTok Shop empowers small online businesses.

TikTok Shop recently held its Pilipinas Summit 2024 with the theme "One-Stop Shop Empowering Sustainable Business Growth." The event brought together over 700 brands, businesses, sellers, content creators, and partners, and illustrated how TikTok Shop's innovative platform, which merges content and commerce, enables businesses of all sizes to grow.

TikTok Shop empowers Filipino sellers, creators, and small businesses by redefining the online shopping experience
Host Show Suzuki (@showsuzuki) opening the celebration of TikTok Shop's Summit Pilipinas 2024

TikTok Shop empowers Filipino sellers, creators, and small businesses by redefining the online shopping experience

In its aim to empower Philippine businesses, TikTok Shop has continuously implemented new solutions such as Shop Tab, TikTok Shop Mall, and Super Brand Day since its launch in 2022. As a result, livestream and short video views increased by 1.5x vs Q1 of 2023, contributing to the increase in the total value of goods (GMV) through Shop Tab by 9x vs Q2 of 2023. Moreover, Super Brand Day saw more than 250% uplift in GMV in 2024 vs non-Super Brand Days while TikTok Shop Mall saw more than 120% increase in onboarded sellers vs November 2023. Different categories, including electronics, fashion, lifestyle, and FMCG have also seen significant growth in their respective adapted channels vs. Q1 2023.

According to Jonah Ople, Category Lead for Fashion, TikTok Shop, "Over 2 million local businesses, the majority of whom are SMEs, are on TikTok Shop. Because TikTok Shop is able to connect businesses of all sizes with consumers and the wider TikTok community, we significantly enable these SMEs, to create a holistic and seamless e-commerce experience and make real connections with new audiences, allowing them to reach a broader market."

TikTok Shop's ability to empower local SMEs is illustrated in Josefina's Homemade Food, a business created by Abbie Ricohermoso, which she named after her mother Josefina. Initially starting as a carinderia in Bicol, it has now become a nationwide business that sells bottled ready-to-eat ginataan products like laing, ginataang santol, and Bicol Express, with ingredients freshly sourced from the Bicol Region. Josefina and her husband still make their products by hand, with the help of employees whom they have been able to support through the business. To date, their top product experienced a notable 22% increase in sales, underscoring TikTok Shop's capacity to empower local businesses, connecting them with new customers and enabling them to thrive in the digital marketplace.

Atty. M. Marcus N. Valdez II, Director of E-commerce Bureau Regional Operations Group at the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), delivered a speech on the agency's initiatives to support digital commerce.

"We look forward to working closely with digital platforms like TikTok Shop to elevate the experience of our MSMEs and bring success to their business under the global spotlight," Valez said. "Through TikTok Shop Summit Pilipinas, we hope to have a backbone of inspiration and knowledge to level up our business and to make the most of the potential of e-commerce."

The success of local creators on TikTok Shop is also demonstrated by Ivana Alawi, TikTok Shop's new brand ambassador. Known for her engaging presence on social media, Ivana brings a fresh perspective and new insights to the platform. Through her brands Ivana Skin and AiBeauty, Ivana has achieved notable success on the platform, reflecting its potential to uplift Filipino entrepreneurs.

"I focused my skincare line on TikTok Shop because the response there was overwhelming," Ivana enthused. "Live selling on TikTok has helped me connect on a different level. It's not just about transactions; it’s about creating a community and directly interacting with people who support your brand. It's much more interactive and personal. You're not just selling; you're engaging and building relationships."

TikTok Shop continues to reaffirm its commitment to supporting Filipino entrepreneurs and creators beyond the event. With ongoing initiatives such as TikTok Shop Business School and the upcoming 6.6 campaign, TikTok Shop will continue to empower businesses, foster innovation, and drive positive change in the local e-commerce landscape. Through collaborative efforts and a shared vision for growth, TikTok Shop and its partners are paving the way for inclusive and sustainable economic development in the Philippines.
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