Go back to the 90s with great deals in MetroMart’s 9.9 Sale

September 07, 2023

₱9.90 and ₱99 exclusive discounts, FREE Delivery, and Buy 1, Get 1 from leading supermarkets.

The deals and discounts are dialed up to the 9s in MetroMart’s Metro goes Retro 9.9 Sale this month of September. Premium snacks and food items will be available at ONLY ₱ 9.90 from September 8-10, 2023 from S&R and Landmark. Additional ₱99 ONLY and Buy 1, Get 1 promos on select products from Robinsons Supermarket, The Marketplace, Shopwise, and Robinsons Easymart will also be available throughout September 2023.

Go back to the 90s with great deals in MetroMart’s 9.9 Sale

Go back to the 90s with great deals in MetroMart’s 9.9 Sale

Please see the MetroMart Metro Goes Retro 9.9 Sale itinerary below:

Sept 8

9AM - 2PM

  • S&R: Kirkland Signature Almond Milk (from ₱94.00 to ₱9.90)
  • Landmark: Kellogg's Harvest Fruit 375g (from ₱218.00 to ₱9.90)

3PM - 8PM

  • S&R: Oreo 4-Pack Cookies (from ₱129.00 to ₱9.90)
  • Landmark: Lemon Square Cheese Cake Original 10pcs x 30g (from ₱78.65 to ₱9.90)

Sept 9

9AM - 2PM

  • S&R: Bergen Chocolate Striped Peanut Cookies (from ₱129.00 to ₱9.90)
  • Landmark: Jolly Cow Fresh Milk 1L (from ₱94.60 to ₱9.90)

3PM - 8PM

  • S&R: Maltesers Milk Drink (from ₱149.00 to ₱9.90)
  • Landmark: Armour Vienna Sausage 4.6oz (from ₱72.30 to ₱ 9.90)

Sept 10

9AM - 2PM

  • S&R: Calbee Honey Butter Potato Chips (from ₱211.00 to ₱9.90)
  • Landmark: Pringles Potato Crisps Cheesy Cheese 147g (from ₱99.00 to ₱9.90)

3PM - 8PM

  • S&R: Ranch House Corned Beef (from ₱164.00 to ₱9.90)
  • Landmark: Nescafe Gold Soluble Coffee (from ₱205.00 to ₱9.90)

*Sale items are subject to availability in S&R and Landmark branches.

Customers may also get a ₱99 discount on September 9, 2023, with the code MM99. This promo is valid for ALL Users, with a minimum spend of at least ₱2,000, and applicable across all stores, terms and conditions apply.

For additional promos and raffle prizes, grocery shoppers can also become movie-goers as they get a chance to win premiere Movie Passes and even more exciting prizes with the “Lay’s, Camera, Action!” Giveaway Promo. 

Qualifying e-raffle entries may be availed with the purchase of participating Lay’s products across participating branches of AllDay Supermarket, Ever Supermarket, Landmark, MerryMart, Robinsons Supermarket, Super8, S&R Membership Shopping.

Lay’s, Camera, Action! Giveaway Promo

  • Minimum Order Spend: ₱399 - ₱799, No. of E-Raffle Entries: 1 e-raffle entry
  • Minimum Order Spend: ₱800 - ₱1,499, No. of E-Raffle Entries: 3 e-raffle entries
  • Minimum Order Spend: ₱1,500 & above, No. of E-Raffle Entries: 5 e-raffle entries

An additional ₱50 discount may be availed for grocery orders with the purchase of Lay’s products. The movie screening event, featuring the superhero movie Blue Beetle, will be held at Red Carpet Premiere Theatre in Shangri-La Plaza on September 24, 2023. Additional prizes of gadgets like a PS5, Nintendo Switch, and TCL 40" Android Digital LED TV will be raffled to the attending winners of the movie premiere.

The MetroMart Metro Goes Retro 9.9 Sale is applicable to New and Existing Users of MetroMart. A minimum spend of only ₱2,500 is required in order to avail of the discounted items from S&R or Landmark. The promo items will be available in two time slots per day, namely from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM, or from 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Only completed checkout of orders within the scheduled day and time can avail of the sale items.

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