Unusual but useful online grocery shopping tips to save money

August 29, 2023

Here are some unique grocery shopping ideas to help you save on your pantry expenses.

Weird ways can work wonders, especially in shaving off a few pesos here and there on your grocery expenses. Here's some uncommon - but definitely practical! - tips for your next online grocery shopping order with MetroMart - the #1 online grocery delivery service in the Philippines.

Unusual but pretty effective online grocery shopping tips from MetroMart

Unusual but useful online grocery shopping tips to save money

    Store brand is on-brand 

    Most generic brands, in fact, are of about the same quality as brand-name products. Another option is to substitute premium options for more practical materials when you can.

    MetroMart Piso Sale

    For example, if the dish is a steak, that may justify getting the sirloin cut, but if it was part of an ensemble dish like adobo or chop suey or curry, simpler cuts of meat may do. So next time, pick the generic brands or simpler options when you can.

    There is clarity in clearance 

    The clearance section, that is. Some fruits or vegetables that are really close to ripening are definitely commonplace on the clearance or must-go shelves. Some fresh produce that just look “ugly” could also be priced lower. Take advantage of this price markdown, but make sure to consume right away, or preserve properly when you buy these.

    Salvage the stale

    You can try making other food out of food that’s about to go bad. Got way too much milk and can’t finish it on time? Try making yogurt. When life gives you stale bread, then make croutons or bread pudding! Always, always make sure there's no mold or soured taste to any food materials before repurposing them, though.

    Power to the PISO this Payday 

    PISO Sales for grocery staples are undeniably the most cost-efficient promo around. They mostly comprise items that you regularly add to your cart. So make sure to check out MetroMart’s Payday PISO Sale at S&R and Landmark this August 29 until September 3.

    MetroMart PayDay Piso Sale grocery items

    Getting your pantry staples and some extra treats for ONLY ₱1.00 is extra rewarding. Actually, try incorporating online grocery shopping into your routine more, and you get rid of other hidden costs like parking or commuter expenses, and save more time too!

    Convenient cost-cutting

    Pre-peeled garlic, pre-cut vegetables, and pre-cut fruit can also be pretentiously pricier. Opt out of these, buy in bulk, and just make time to chop and dice at home. Make a few exceptions for food that’s harder to prepare and worth the convenience fee, like coconuts, pineapples, or squash.

    Diet's Restrictions

    Certain diets or food types like gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, and keto, may require specialized foods or alternative ingredients. These could be a bit more expensive, and perhaps even a bit harder to find. We're talking almost two and a half times more costly than the regular variant!

    Unless of course, you have medical conditions that require strictly adhering to these diets, you can pick up regular bread, regular cheese, regular ice cream, and more. Re-introduce them for more variety in your overall food arsenal.

    Are there other quirky but super useful money-saving tips that you use in your own grocery shopping? Stay tuned for even more upcoming promos, discounts, and sales events at MetroMart this 2023!

    More discounts with PayDay Specials

    You can get further discounts when you order via MetroMart with Payday Specials, running this August 29 to 31, 2023. Use codes AUGPAYDAY500, AUGPAYDAY300, and AUGPAYDAY100, and avail discounts up to ₱500, ₱300 and ₱100, respectively. This promo is valid for ALL Users, for a 2-time redemption within the promo period, and applicable across all stores, Terms and conditions apply.

    The MetroMart Payday PISO Sale with S&R and Landmark is applicable to New and Existing Users of MetroMart. A minimum spend of only ₱2,500 is required in order to avail of the discounted items from the store.

    Each item will be available throughout two time slots within the day, from either 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM or 3:00 PM to 8:00 PM. The sale items will be available throughout the 3 days of their sale period, either August 29-31, 2023, or September 1-3, 2023. Only completed checkout of orders within the scheduled day and time can avail of the sale items.

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