Uratex Philippines and Philippine Orthopaedic Association (POA) renew partnership

June 16, 2023

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Uratex, the leading foam company in the Philippines, reaffirms its commitment to providing quality sleeping products to all with the brand’s partnership agreement renewal with the Philippine Orthopaedic Association for another five years.

Uratex Philippines and Philippine Orthopaedic Association (POA) renew partnership

Uratex Philippines and Philippine Orthopaedic Association (POA) renew partnership

The Philippine Orthopaedic Association (POA) is the national organization of orthopedic surgeons in the Philippines, dedicated to excellence in the delivery of orthopedic patient care, orthopedic training, and medical research. The renewed partnership between Uratex and the POA aims to strengthen the importance of sleep in the total health and well-being of individuals through the latter’s certification of Uratex-produced products. 

The partnership event was attended by representatives from both organizations led by Uratex Managing Director Peachy Medina and Uratex Sleep Business Director Stephen Lee with leaders from the Philippine Orthopaedic Association Dr. David Algar, President; Dr. Melito Antonio Ramos, Vice President; and Dr JaC Pimentel, Secretary.

Uratex ensures its customers that the POA-supported products and promotional materials comply with all applicable ordinances, laws, and statutes governing the promotion, sale, and application of these products.

The POA-supported Uratex products include the Orthocare Mattress Collection, Senso Memory Mattress Collection, Premium Touch Mattress Collection, Permahard Mattress, Trill Mattress Collection, and the Airlite Mattress Collection for Mattresses.

Uratex and POA emphasize the importance of quality sleep for overall health

These products with Orthofirm® foam provide excellent support, absolute comfort, and promote better air circulation. Treated with Sanitized® which effectively protects against the growth of bacteria, odor, mildew, and dust mites, keeping the mattress clean and hypoallergenic. The mattresses produced by Uratex are covered with Biorytmic® knitted fabric specially infused with energy-restoring minerals to boost vitality, balance, and concentration.

For pillows, the POA-supported products include the Senso Memory Pillow Collection, Soft Escape Pillow Collection, and Wink pillow. These Uratex products are made up of premium memory foam that gently conforms to the shape of your head and has a soft feel with good support. Enveloped with a smooth, knitted fabric cover for enhanced comfort, it comes in a rectangular design that’s ideal for all sleeping positions.

Finally, for mattress toppers, these include the Senso Memory Mattress Topper Collection, Trill Topper Collection, Back Care Topper Collection, Premium Touch Topper, Perfect Serenity Topper for Mattress Toppers. 

 Uratex’s mattress toppers are designed to provide an extra layer of plush comfort to your mattress with Visco-elastic foam that allows the surface to blend with the body’s contour, alleviating pressure points and body strains while you sleep. It is also enriched with the smooth, refined finish of a premium knitted fabric.

“We are really committed to quality, value for money, and better sleep for the Filipinos. What a great idea to be able to collaborate with the Philippine Orthopaedic Association towards this trust to help us develop better products for the Filipinos,” said Ms. Peachy Medina, Managing Director of Uratex Philippines.

To learn more about Uratex, its products as well as upcoming promos, visit www.uratex.com.ph. You may also visit their official Shopee page at shopee.ph/uratexph and follow UratexPhilippines on Facebook, and @uratex_ph on Instagram for updates and upcoming promos.

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Uratex is the leading foam company in the country, offering products that help enrich lives and create meaningful moments such as mattresses, pillows, toppers, etc. For more than 54 years, the brand has been committed to providing comfort through its products and services.
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