McDonald’s NEW DreamWorks Happy Meal Teaches Kids To Embrace Their Uniqueness

May 24, 2022

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Quirks are what make each individual unique, just like what these DreamWorks characters taught us. I believe it’s important to emphasize this fact to our children, especially during their formative years. It’s perfectly fine to embrace your individuality and not always conform to society’s standards because that will define you as a person.

McDonald’s NEW DreamWorks Happy Meal Teaches Kids To Embrace Their Uniqueness

McDonald’s NEW DreamWorks Happy Meal Teaches Kids To Embrace Their Uniqueness

    For 25 years and counting, DreamWorks movies and characters have helped enable families to dream and laugh together as they embrace each one’s quirks and uniqueness. McDonald’s also celebrates this and encourages families to enjoy bonding moments made more fun through the DreamWorks Happy Meal!

    How to encourage kids to embrace their individuality

    The best way to encourage children to encourage their individuality is to model it yourself. We can show kids that we are not perfect and that's perfectly fine. We commit mistakes but what's important is that we rectify those mistakes and learn from them.

    Aside from that, here are some tips on how to encourage kids to be proud of their being unique:

    • All interests, as long as these are not harmful, are beautiful.
    • Help them uncover their hidden talents through their interests and let them pursue and develop these.
    • Teach them that it's alright to go against society's norm as long as they are not hurting anybody.
    • They don't always have to agree with other people just to be accepted.
    • Encourage them to voice out their opinions even if they are deemed unpopular.

    Celebrating one’s uniqueness through McDonald's Happy Meal toys

    In this new collection, McDonald’s encourages kids to be proud of the quirks that make them unique and to inspire families to be their most authentic selves in a fun and enjoyable way.

    McDonalds Happy Meal toys

    The well-loved DreamWorks characters that have brought entertainment to the entire family now come in mini figurines! DreamWorks Happy Meal features the gigantic and green-skinned ogre Shrek, the easy-going Panda Po & the fearless Tigress from Kung Fu Panda, and Alex the Lion from the light-hearted family film Madagascar.

    Joining the collection are the playful & loyal Night Fury dragon Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon; the colorful and perpetually-happy Troll Princess Poppy and good-hearted Branch from the fun movie Trolls; and finally, the eccentric big boss Ted from the Boss Baby.

    What can kids expect from their DreamWorks Happy Meal?

    Each Happy Meal toy comes with a mini figurine, card environment, pop-ups/reveals, and stickers that kids can enjoy, which also function as a keychain that can be used for kids’ bags! Display the quirky and fun characters as a reminder to stand out and be YOU-nique.

    Find greatness in the unconventional and quirky characters of the new McDonald’s DreamWorks Happy Meal by heading over to the nearest branch for Dine-In, Take-Out, Drive-Thru, or via McDelivery until June 9 only!

    For more information and updates on this offering, visit McDonald’s Philippines on FacebookTwitter, or Instagram.
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      1. I LOVE these new happy meals! Of course, kids love the cute figures, but I love that I can actually use them as a jumping off point for conversations about important topics.

      2. These are the cutest toys. I just love McDonalds. In the US we have Disney toys at the moment.

      3. We've not had a happy meal in ages. I didn't realise they had started the toys again. We always seemed to get something made from thin card which my son didn't like.

      4. These look like nice toys. My kids always loved the Happy Meal toys.

      5. Firstly, it's so important to allow children as well as ourselves to embrace their individuality! Secondly, those toys are just so cute! The setup kind of reminds me of those old Polly Pocket play sets.

      6. I love that this is an effort McDonalds and Dreamworks are making together!

      7. These are so fun! What a great treat for kids. All such fun characters.

      8. Wow! These are all really cute! I know my kids would love this so much for sure!

      9. How fun! I love that they partnered together! This is great!

      10. I like these. McDonald's has always made some pretty cool toys for their Happy Meals.