A review of KFC Sisig Rice Bowl

May 03, 2018

Here's what I think of the KFC Sisig Rice Bowl.

KFC sisig rice bowl review

KFC Sisig Rice Bowl is an innovative take on a classic Filipino dish. I have never really been a fan of KFC. It’s not that their food is not good, it’s just that I don’t like chicken that is juicy.

A review of KFC Sisig Rice Bowl

Well, I do not like chicken in general but in the rare occasions that I get tempted to eat fried chicken, I opt for breast or thigh, the crispier the better, with meat that is just a little moist. I like KFC’s hot shots, but that’s just it. 

However, a year or two ago, my curiosity was aroused when KFC began offering Sisig Rice Bowl. I love sisig so I was willing to give it a try, especially when news broke out that there was shortage in Sisig Rice Bowl because of the strong demand for it. So finally, just this month, I was able to try this dish. It was delicious.

Deconstructing KFC’s Sisig Rice Bowl

KFC uses fun shots, around five to six pieces as rice topping. It had a little mayonnaise on top but I preferred that it did not have any. It was sprinkled with crunchy bits of chicken skin, chopped spring onions or leeks, and served with half of a boiled egg. But I believe the star of this dish is the sisig rice because it held all the flavors of the dish. It was tasty, every spoonful was filled with sisig flavor. It was 
a smorgasbord of carbohydrates so I had to restrain myself from finishing the entire bowl.

KFC’s Sisig Rice Bowl is such a revelation; for the first time, I can truly say that I have a favorite dish from this fast food chain.

Price of the KFC Sisig Rice Bowl

A sisig rice bowl meal with a regular drink is a little above Php100. It was not bad; nowadays a Php100 meal is neither cheap nor expensive. Anyway, reality dictates that it is not something that you would eat on a daily basis.

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