Delight in Dad’s Meryenda Buffet

July 30, 2015

Dad's Meryenda Buffet review.

For the best merienda buffet in town, go to Dad’s Meryenda Buffet. Located in the not-so-busy second level of Glorietta 3, it provides a homey ambiance that is perfect for a casual gathering with friends or family.

Lomi at Dad's Meryenda Buffet

The restaurant itself is very spacious so you do not have to worry about bumping on other people while holding a plateful of goodies.

For its merienda buffet, Dad’s has a wide selection of Filipino favorites like pancit palabok, arroz caldo, mami, okoy, tokwa’t baboy, and dinuguan and puto.

Patrons can also enjoy bibingka, puto bumbong and halo-halo all year round. For those who love burgers, fries and pasta, Dad’s also has these.

My quintessential favorites were okoy, arroz caldo and tokwa’t baboy, and mami. The arroz caldo is a rich porridge with slices of chicken meat spiked with fragrant ginger slices. This one is best paired with tokwa’t baboy.

Pancit Palabok at Dad's Meryenda Buffet

The okoy or shrimp fritters, were always served freshly cooked and so were very crispy. I also loved Dad’s mami. The broth of the mami had a deep, rich taste of long-simmered beef bones. Truly warming and filling.

Other must-tries though are the dinuguan and puto, palabok, and Chinese dim sums. For dessert, my wife and I shared a bowl of halo-halo. It’s the typical do-it-yourself halo-halo wherein you can adjust the amount of ingredients you put in.

Ginataang halo-halo at Dad's Meryenda Buffet

I am also a bibingka and puto bumbong fan so I had to also try these two. Dad’s bibingka is a miniature version of the regular ones typically sold during the Christmas season.

Take a bibingka and some rolls of hot puto bumbong, slather over it a generous helping of margarine and sprinkle shredded coconut meat, then you have the perfect “dessert” to cap your meal.

Aside from merienda, Dad’s also has lunch and dinner buffet.

Turon at Dad's Meryenda Buffet

Their dinner buffet is also worth recommending and is also one of the best around. For this enjoyable merienda buffet, cost for two people is around P1500 to P1800. Not bad at all!

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