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Select Travel Stories From The Different Regions Of The Philippines by Ivan Jose

Select Travel Stories From The Different Regions Of The Philippines

author: Ivan Jose
publisher: Ukiyoto Publishing
author page: Goodreads
photos: none
paperback: 115 pages

about: This book is a collection of my personal travel stories from the different Philippine destinations that I have visited in the past. I started traveling with my wife that's why my initial stories are geared towards couple travelers.

When we had kids, our travel stories eventually included family-friendly tips.Just the same, expect historical anecdotes, food guides, and other helpful notes that will make your trip worthwhile.

chapters: First Time Flyer (How I Overcame My Fear Of Airports) | Metro Manila (Intramuros, Tutuban Center, Quezon City, Makati City) | Luzon (Tagaytay City, Puerto Galera, Baler, Albay, Puerto Princesa City) | Visayas (Boracay, Bohol, Bantayan Island) | Mindanao (General Santos City, Sarangani Province, South Cotabato)

fun feature: In the first chapter, I share my first experience in navigating an airport and flying on an airplane all by myself.

about the author: I am a husband, a father, a 90s kids, and a part-time blogger. I share stories about family travel and parenting in his blog.

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dedication: This book is dedicated to my wife, Khris, who has always been my number one supporter. I also dedicate this book to my sons, Miguel and Rafa, and to my parents. They are the source of my strength and creativity.