Samsung partners with ENHYPEN in giving ENGENEs the best concert experience at the ‘FATE’ World Tour in New Clark City

March 08, 2024

ENGENEs “SHOUT OUT” their top 4 best moments with co-ENGENEs and ENHYPEN.

The recent ENHYPEN WORLD TOUR ‘FATE’ IN NEW CLARK CITY left Filipino ENGENEs with concert “FEVER” as they reminisced about their best moments during the concert. From the start of the line to the end of the event, New Clark City was filled with excitement as ENGENEs from all around the country gathered for the concert experience of a lifetime.

Samsung partners with ENHYPEN in giving ENGENEs the best concert experience at the ‘FATE’ World Tour in New Clark City

Samsung partners with ENHYPEN in giving ENGENEs the best concert experience at the ‘FATE’ World Tour in New Clark City 

Read on as ENGENEs shared their top 4 highlights of the ENHYPEN WORLD TOUR ‘FATE’ IN NEW CLARK CITY, featuring experiences with the concert’s exclusive brand partner, Samsung as it unveiled the ultimate concert phone perfect for every K-pop fan.

Concert hype and making new friends!

Of course, one of the best things about going to concerts is making new friends. ENGENEs from all around the Philippines gathered in New Clark City for a day, showing their love for the group with their fellow fans in the venue. Yel, an ENGENE from Marikina City shared, “It was great interacting with other ENGENEs, especially since we all have a lot in common. It was a great opportunity to meet new ENGENE friends'.”

The fun began even before the concert as ENGENEs gathered to claim their ENHYPEN themed concert straps and hung out at the entertainment zone hours prior to the concert. Samsung, the exclusive partner of ENHYPEN WORLD TOUR ‘FATE’ IN NEW CLARK CITY also hosted activities ENGENEs could enjoy like interactive AI stations they could experience together and a raffle to win exclusive ENHYPEN merchandise. It was a fun moment to enjoy with fellow fans and an avenue to make new friends in the area. “Being in one area with co-ENGENEs and ENHYPEN was the highlight of my ‘FATE’ World Tour,” avid k-pop fan Lily shared.

During the concert itself was also a great opportunity to connect with fellow fans in between songs. “The ENGENEs I met were sweet! I met fellow fanboys and we had fun shouting and screaming during the concert,” James, a multimedia professional ENGENE, stated.

An elevated concert experience with the Samsung Booth

As the exclusive partner of ENHYPEN WORLD TOUR ‘FATE’ IN NEW CLARK CITY, Samsung hosted a booth at the entertainment zone near the venue, allowing ENGENEs to learn more about the new Galaxy S24 Series and how it was designed to make the concert experience of K-pop fans truly epic with its amazing camera capabilities. ENGENEs could also win an ENHYPEN WORLD TOUR ‘FATE’ merch t-shirt if they enter Samsung’s raffle.

James also shared that the Samsung booth in the experiential zone helped them get to know the Galaxy S24 devices while waiting for the concert to begin. “I visited the Samsung booth! It was actually the nicest booth out of all the booths present in the Entertainment Zone. I was curious about the Samsung Galaxy S24 and from that booth I learned the many capabilities of the phone and how it's actually perfect for taking fancams!.”

ENHYPEN’s energetic and unique performances

ENHYPEN gave it their all in the concert, showing their love for ENGENEs as the group performed a galaxy of their greatest songs from “CRIMINAL LOVE”, “Sweet Venom”, “Bite Me”, and fan favorites “SHOUT OUT” and “Polaroid Love.”

When we asked what their favorite performances were, artist and ENGENE, Ran shared: “‘Polaroid Love’ and ‘SHOUT OUT.’ Those songs really mean a lot to both ENHYPEN and ENGENEs. I even got emotional with those two songs.”

ENHYPEN also shared their love for the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra featuring its upgraded camera during the performance of their popular song, “Polaroid Love'.” This experience was also one that fans deemed unforgettable as the boys got closer with their fans and went around the concert venue in moving carts.

Their energetic vlogs and live selca (self cam) were also featured on the concert wide screen for viewers to enjoy. “I thought ENHYPEN was taking a selfie with the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra with the audience! That was such a sweet moment between ENHYPEN and ENGENEs,” James said.

Reminiscing our time with ENHYPEN

While concerts may only be a few hours long, the memories created will last for a lifetime. For one K-pop fan, “Concerts are investments to our happiness.” Reliving concert moments after it had happened brings back the joy a hundred fold, especially when re-watching the clips taken during that time.

Many fans also attend concerts excited to take photos and videos of the group and especially of their bias members that they can share with fellow fans and friends. James said, ”K-pop fans are always looking for a device to record high-quality fancams on. And fancams, we take those seriously!”

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is the perfect concert companion with its super high-definition photos enhanced with ProVisual engine that shoots incredible photos even at night. The Galaxy S24 Ultra hosts 4 powerful cameras equipped with up to 100X Space Zoom including 10x optical quality zoom and 100x digital zoom with Super Resolution technology, ideal for taking videos.

With upgraded Nightography capabilities, photos and videos shot on Galaxy S24 Space Zoom are brilliant in any condition, even when zoomed in, with a 5x sensor that aids its low light zoom video capabilities. This means the photo and video captures of the device look high-quality even in low light or at night.

The Galaxy S24 Ultra is also a win with its powerful adaptive battery that accompanies you all-day in enjoying moments to the fullest with zero worries of running low on steam, with a battery life that can last up to 30 hours of video play and 95 hours of music listening.

The year is still young and there are more epic concerts coming this year so capture and relive your concert experience with the Galaxy S24 Ultra - find out more at

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