Life Essentials from EastWest Ageas: Your Health Ally

October 06, 2023

EastWest Ageas' Life Essentials provides peace of mind against critical illnesses so you can live your best life today.

In the aftermath of the worldwide health pandemic, Filipino families are placing more importance on their health. With critical illnesses ranking first among the leading causes of death in the Philippines, EastWest Ageas makes it easy for Filipinos to protect their health.

Life Essentials from EastWest Ageas: Your Health Ally

Life Essentials from EastWest Ageas: Your Health Ally

“It’s always best to have a reliable ally when dealing with serious illnesses. That’s what Life Essentials is,” stated Joub Miradora, Chief Customer Officer. “You won’t have to worry when you get a life-threatening illness. Life Essentials will give you 100% of the benefit amount.”

Life Essentials isn’t your typical Critical Illness insurance. Its coverage extends to the age of 100 and offers the Filipino two payment options: ten (10) or twenty (20) years. This flexibility enables younger people to start taking care of their health as early as possible. This program likewise allows older individuals to protect themselves.

The 48 major critical illnesses covered by Life Essentials surely enable Filipinos to focus on the essentials: their health and well-being.

This is welcome news for many Filipinos who, under these circumstances, borrow money or seek financial aid from family. A recent study commissioned by EastWest Ageas found that 3 in 10 Filipinos who face medical crises borrow money from relatives. According to the same study, 5 in 10 Filipinos receive financial support from relatives.

With the help of Life Essentials, Filipinos can rest easy knowing that they can handle medical emergencies and life-threatening illnesses on their own. The sense of indebtedness can be avoided, opening the way for a more empowered Filipino.

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