Sanlo Salabat Benefits

September 13, 2023

Find out in this post the many health benefits of Sanlo Salabat.

Sanlo Salabat is a premium instant ginger brew brand that is made of high-quality ginger that is grown in the fertile soil at the foot of Mt. Banahaw. If you are looking for a delicious ginger brew to relax your throat and provide an overall feeling of wellness, then I highly recommend Sanlo Salabat to you.

Sanlo Salabat Benefits

Sanlo Salabat Benefits

    How is Sanlo Salabat made?

    The goal of Sanlo Salabat is to provide an all-natural and healthy drink to customers. That’s why, Immediately upon the harvest of the ginger, they are meticulously chosen, washed, and cleaned; and then dried under the sun to lock in their health-giving benefits.

    The dried ginger roots are then processed and packed for easy and convenient ginger brew preparation.

    What are the variants of Sanlo Salabat?

    Sanlo Salabat has five delicious variants that are all halal-certified:

    Sanlo Salabat Original

    This is made of ginger and sugar for a balance of mild sweetness.

    Sanlo Salabat with Honey

    This is made of pure ginger extract, sugar, and honey for a hint of fruity sweetness.

    Sanlo Salabat with Turmeric

    This variant is made of pure ginger extract, turmeric extract for added health benefits, and sugar.

    Sanlo Salabat with Oregano

    This variant combines the refreshing taste of pure ginger with the unique minty flavor of oregano.

    Sanlo Salabat with Malunggay

    Enjoy all the health benefits of ginger and malunggay in one delightful drink.

    What are the health benefits of Sanlo Salabat?

    Ginger has the following benefits to help you achieve your health goals:

    • Sanlo Salabat can help reduce arthritis
    • Sanlo Salabat can lower blood sugar
    • Sanlo Salabat can lower cholesterol
    • Sanlo Salabat can help reduce weight
    • Sanlo Salabat can help relieve menstrual cramps

    The ginger brew is known to soothe sore throats, mild coughs, allergic rhinitis, and even mild stomach discomfort.

    How to prepare Sanlo Salabat ginger brew?

    Sanlo Salabat can be prepared hot or cold. To prepare hot Sanlo Salabat, empty the contents of a sachet in a 250 ml cup of freshly boiled water. Stir then sip it hot. To prepare cold Sanlo Salabat, follow all of the previous steps and then add ice to make it cold.

    You may opt to add calamansi juice if you want to make your Sanlo Salabat more tangy.

    Where to buy Sanlo Salabat?

    You can buy Sanlo Salabat in leading drugstores, supermarkets, convenience stores, and online in Lazada or Shopee.

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