Start your early Noche Buena shopping with The Marketplace PISO SALE

November 17, 2022

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Here's another good news for all practical dads out there who are always on the lookout for food items that are on sale. The Marketplace PISO SALE, exclusively via MetroMart will run this weekend on November 18-21, 2022. Select items can be purchased for only ₱1.00 when you order and get it delivered via MetroMart across select branches of The Marketplace.

Metromart and The Marketplace PISO SALE

Start your early Noche Buena shopping with The Marketplace PISO SALE

    The Marketplace PISO SALE promo will have various items available for a limited time per day. These items include Del Monte Spaghetti Pack, UFC Spaghetti Party Pack, Ruffles Chips, and so much more.

    Metromart and The Marketplace Del Monte PISO SALE

    Please see The Marketplace PISO SALE itinerary below:

    November 18 Piso Sale


    • Del Monte Filipino Style Spaghetti Sauce + Del Monte Spaghetti 1 Pack (₱138.75 SRP, ₱1.00 Promo Price)
    • Del Monte Gourmet Carbonara (₱36.25 SRP, ₱1.00 Promo Price)


    • UFC Party Pack Spaghetti Supreme 1kg (₱129.75 SRP, ₱1.00 Promo Price)
    • Fiesta Macaroni Salad Pasta 400g (₱43.00 SRP, ₱1.00 Promo Price)

    November 19 Piso Sale


    • Royal 4 Cheese Spaghetti 1kg (₱119.75 SRP, ₱1.00 Promo Price)
    • Devondale Full Cream Milk 1L (₱104.25 SRP, ₱1.00 Promo Price)


    • Arla Nat Emmenthal Slices 150g (₱205.00 SRP, ₱1.00 Promo Price)

    November 20 Piso Sale


    • Fiesta Macaroni Salad Pasta 400g (₱43.00 SRP, ₱1.00 Promo Price)
    • Arla Kid Cheese Sticks 18g x 6s (₱135.00 SRP, ₱1.00 Promo Price)


    • Sanicare KT Jumbo 2P 70 PLS 2s (₱123.50 SRP, ₱1.00 Promo Price)
    • Zonrox Bleach ColorSafe 900mL (₱70.75 SRP, ₱1.00 Promo Price)

    November 21 Piso Sale


    • Ruffles Cheddar Sour Cream 6.5oz (₱174.75 SRP, ₱1.00 Promo Price)


    • CDO Premium Torikatsu 420g (₱154.00 SRP, ₱1.00 Promo Price)

    *Sale items are subject to availability across The Marketplace branches.

    “Just as it can be exciting to seize great bargains, the MetroMart family are equally pleased to provide these to the customers in our successive PISO SALE events. Christmas is right around the corner, and we are gearing up to share even more discounts and promos for everyone. Stay tuned!” Stefano Fazzini, CEO and co-founder of MetroMart, said.

    Metromart and The Marketplace UFC PISO SALE

    Promos from The Marketplace PISO SALE are applicable to both New and Existing Users of MetroMart. A minimum spend of ₱1,500 is required in order to avail of the 1-peso sale items. Only completed checkout of orders within the sale period can avail of the discounted items.

    This PISO SALE is available in participating branches of The Marketplace via the MetroMart app and website, all over Metro Manila and key locations throughout the Philippines, including Baguio, Pangasinan, Batangas, Davao, Cavite, Cebu, Iloilo, and more.

    MetroMart is the #1 online grocery delivery service in the Philippines. Our grocery partners include The Marketplace, S&R (with or no membership card required), Robinsons Supermarket, Landmark, Shopwise, All Day Supermarket, MerryMart, Super8 Grocery Warehouse, Ever Supermarket, UltraMega Supermarket, and over 500+ specialty store retailers like Pet Express, Baby Company, Toy Kingdom, Toys”R”Us, National Book Store, Office Warehouse, Southstar Drug and AllDay Rx. 

    Metromart and The Marketplace CDO PISO SALE

    Customers can order from their favorite stores on the MetroMart app and have it delivered to their door in 2 hours! For more updates on MetroMart, like and follow us on Facebook and Instagram at @metromartph. Order groceries online or download the app via
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