ALLIANCE Incubator Program For Web3 Influencers Gets Strong Support From Well-Known Personalities

October 13, 2022

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Southeast Asian esports, gaming and entertainment firm Tier One Entertainment is launching its newest incubator program called ALLIANCE, which is poised to be the first global pool of prominent personalities in the Web3 space. The ALLIANCE aims to gather a curated list of Web3 content creators and train them to be top-notch opinion leaders shaping the future of content creation in the global blockchain and crypto industry.

ALLIANCE incubator program

ALLIANCE Incubator Program For Web3 Influencers Gets Strong Support From Well-Known Personalities

    Celebrities and online influencers support ALLIANCE

    The initial list would include professional basketball player Jared Dillinger, holistic wellness coach Chris Tan, gaming content creator Crisostomo “Chibiby” Tan Jr., multimedia creative John Sedano, DJ and producer Patty Tiu, architect and artist Timi Sky, and filmmaker and entrepreneur Janina Manipol.

    Joining them are business executives like Block Tides founder Myrtle Ramos, Stock Smarts CEO Marvin Germo, and Tetrix CEO Emman Navalan who have etched their names in the Web3 community.

    Tier One Entertainment is banking on its massive traffic, reach, and marketing machinery with 260 million current followers across its brands, content creators, gaming talents, and influencers to build a Web3 community.

    “As a company that has multi-millions in following in the Web2 space, our role is to be able to help bring the attention and the traffic and help contribute to the mainstream adaptation of Web3. We are confident that our future plans for Web3 will help bring a new generation of users to the exciting space,” Tryke Gutierrez, CEO of Tier One Entertainment said.

    Growing the Web3 community

    As an expert in content creator management, Tier One Entertainment commits to supporting this collective group of individuals who will help bring the values of integrity, critical thinking, and transparency to the Web3 community.

    For this program, Tier One Entertainment has appointed Tyrone Anthony Bretaña as the Head of ALLIANCE. He has worked with some of the biggest brands in FinTech and e-commerce for eight years. 

    With an early adopter mentality, Tyrone has the vision to lead the ALLIANCE into becoming a global collective that will drive traffic and mainstream adoption of Web 3 while promoting the values of authenticity, relevance, and legitimacy.

    ALLIANCE Tier One Entertainment

    With more than 260 million followers across the social platforms of their over 1,000 talents across Asia, Tier One bats to a familiar name in the Web3 space.

    Previously, it conducted its influencer programs such as AMPLFY, ARDENT, and ASCEND, which elevated the video game streaming careers of SB19's Josh Cullen, Sharlene San Pedro, and Khenji Saito. 

    It also launched The Gaming House with ABS-CBN, a reality show featuring gaming personalities, the first of its kind in Asia. This is on top of managing athletes under Blacklist International, a world champion in mobile esports.

    Tier One Entertainment is open for collaborations and partnerships, and to those who want to join the ALLIANCE:

    About Tier One Entertainment

    Tier One Entertainment is a gaming entertainment company that operates at the intersection of media properties, esports, and creators. We are currently operating in 5 countries across Asia and continuously looking to expand further, aiming to be the most influential gaming lifestyle brand in the world.

    Tier One was founded at the height of the Millennial Exodus from traditional media. In order to bridge the gap between gaming culture and mainstream, and redefine what it means to be a gamer, we formed both a team of professionals and a roster of talents that revolutionized the gaming industry in Southeast Asia.

    Since our inception in 2017, Tier One has single-handedly ushered in the streamer boom in the Philippines, and made similarly significant impacts in our satellite territories. By signing, developing, managing, and promoting the country’s most promising young content creators, Tier One created a coveted business model that other companies scrambled to replicate in recent years.

    Since then, we've amassed over 1000 content creators with hundreds of millions of combined followers across multiple streaming and social media platforms, and our Blacklist International teams have won multiple world championships.

    It's this track record of innovation and excellence in the gaming and esports industry that has garnered us the distinction of being called a unicorn startup by some of our investors, which include Bitkraft, Atlas Ventures, Gobi Partners, Warner Music Group, Play Ventures, and Mirana, among others.

    For the latest Tier One Entertainment news and activities, please follow Tier One Entertainment on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter.
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