McDonald’s Happy Meal Carnival Deal Encourages Children To Be Imaginative

July 25, 2022

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We always look forward to the next set of toys that McDonald’s will offer in its Happy Meal. From movie characters to educational toys, McDonald’s Happy Meals never fails to put a smile on our children’s faces. Not only that, our kids get to also enjoy the delicious McDonald's treats in their Happy Meals. Happy Meal toys plus their favorite McDonald's food items, what more can children ask for? 

McDonald’s Happy Meal Carnival Deal
Children will get a FREE surprise toy with every Happy Meal Purchase—
giving them more ways to create their own toy carnival!

McDonald’s Happy Meal Carnival Deal Encourages Children To Be Imaginative

    MacDonald’s Happy Meal Carnival Deal

    Come one, come all! In McDonald’s Philippines, all kinds of toys and characters join in on the fun in the new Happy Meal Carnival Deal!

    The Carnival Deal, a special Happy Meal promotion, will give children an extra surprise toy with every Happy Meal purchase. With more toys to bring home, children have endless possibilities to make playtime more exciting!

    Encouraging children to be imaginative

    Despite the limited and missed out opportunities for outdoor adventures and explorations, the Happy Meal Carnival Deal and its variety of toys let children explore in a different way: by cultivating a world of imagination. With a variety of toys in the deal— from science-themed, fairy tales, and even dinosaurs— children can form their very own toy circus!

    How to get the MacDonald’s Happy Meal Carnival Deal

    The McDonald’s Happy Meal Carnival Deal can be enjoyed in several ways— whether casually dining in-store to enjoy the fun restaurant ambiance, making a pitstop via drive-thru or take-out at the expressway before heading off to a family outing, or through McDelivery while enjoying bonding at home on a chill Saturday afternoon—McDonald’s is ready to bring the fun and excitement with every Happy Meal purchase!


    Let the McDonald’s Happy Meal Carnival Deal bring out the ringleader in children and allow them to cultivate their imagination! Make a spectacle out of playtime by availing of this special promotion available at McDonald’s Dine-In, Drive Thru, Take Out, and McDelivery from July 22 to August 11, 2022.
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    1. I bet so many children and parents will love this fantastic deal. Thanks for sharing! - Lavanda Michelle

    2. Wow! My niece would definitely love this for sure! So cute!

    3. My son can’t wait to get a happy meal everytime we go at McDonald’s! He’ll love this!

    4. It seems like a really good idea to have happy meal surprises that encourage creativity, for sure!

    5. I have so many beautiful memories with Happy Meal. It was always fun to go to McDonald's!

    6. I always loved the McDonalds toys. My son is too old for a happy meal now and it kinda makes me sad.

    7. I did not see these in the location by me this month! I only saw some other type of toy, but these are cool!

    8. That's a fun 'carnival' idea. McDonald's has always had the best meal toys, hands down! I like some of them and I'm grown!

    9. Sounds like a fun idea for kids! I haven't bought a Happy Meal in ages and this would be a great treat.

    10. Educational toys are always great for kids. Good to know McDonald's is offering that. -LYNNDEE