How Lumina Homes Is Transitioning To Digital Real-Estate Selling To Reach New Markets

January 24, 2022

Lumina Homes is taking advantage of the digital space to reach more customers.

If you’ve been keeping track of the local economy during the pandemic, you’d know that the real estate sector is one of the few industries that performed well during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as most industries begin to take their operations (including their work arrangement) into the digital space, those who can make the transition and quickly adopt full digitalization and drive online sales can reap success in the post-pandemic world.

Lumina Home digital platform

How Lumina Homes Is Transitioning To Digital Real-Estate Selling To Reach New Markets

    As such, Lumina Homes, the ever-innovative housing brand for middle-income Filipinos, continues to be at the forefront of digital real estate selling. Not only has the company become a go-to brand for homeowners and investors during the lockdowns, but it has also been offering a unique opportunity for candidate sellers.

    Aside from providing regular training and webinars about digitization in the real estate industry, Lumina continues to provide digital tools that make home selling easier to its partner sales network.

    Lumina Homes Online

    The one-stop-shop online reservation portal makes it simple for accredited brokers and sales agents to hold the preferred unit on behalf of their customers. Once the seller has reserved units in the available inventories for their clients, Lumina Homes will automatically send a reservation payment link to their email addresses.

    An Interactive Project Map also allows both buyers and sellers to view Lumina Homes’ available units in the subdivision map. This gives them a better idea of the unit’s exact location within the subdivision, similar to how you reserve a plane or theater seat when making an online reservation.

    Lumina Online University

    Gone are the days when candidate sellers and partners travel to Lumina’s physical offices to formalize their training.

    Lumina Homes online selling

    Today, they can receive their certifications in the comfort of their homes by attending Lumina Online University’s two-level learning course.

    The Beginner's Course includes modules about the Fundamentals of Lumina Homes and Lumina Online Training System Guide, while the Advanced Course includes modules about Recruitment and Training, Facebook Marketing, and Digital Marketing.

    Lumina Sellers’ Portal

    All the mentioned digital tools can be accessed through the Lumina Sellers’ Portal - everything a seller needs to know about Lumina Homes’ condo units or house and lot packages.

    It’s also where sellers can track upcoming events and activities, promos, and ongoing sellers’ incentives. They can also check pricing updates, view maps, and see a complete directory of Lumina offices and site locations nationwide.

    Lumina Homes took pride in introducing these sellers’ portals even before the pandemic happened, proof of the forward-thinking characteristic that it wishes to extend to its sellers.

    As such, site visits or trippings are easily scheduled online, which can also be done through 3D virtual tours, to the excitement of interested home seekers during the lockdowns.

    Virtual Tours and Online Appointments

    Lumina is equipped with a virtual 360-degree house tour of its best-selling homes, so sellers and homebuyers can have a walk-through of their home models online. 

    Homeseekers, with the assistance of their brokers or agents, can easily search for their dream home through Lumina's digital solutions. They can choose from virtual home and subdivision tours, book online appointments, and pay through digital wallets and digital banking.

    Lumina Homes’ official website, is an effective venue to explore its best-selling home models in 3D: Angelique at 35 square meters with two-bedroom and one carport provision, and Angeli at 42 square meters with three-bedroom and one carport provision.

    There’s also a virtual tour of Lumina’s signature showcase area, which offers a preview of a Lumina Homes community.

    Earn more at Lumina Homes

    Lumina Homes has recently increased the commission rate by 6% for its partner sales network, on top of other perks and promos, such as “Complete It to Win It,” in which sellers can get additional cash incentives as they guide their buyers through the homeownership journey.

    You can be an accredited seller of Lumina Homes by registering at or by contacting (0917) 629-6523.

    I'm happy to announce that I'm also an affiliate of Lumina Homes. You can use my discount code IVANLMN500 to enjoy P500 when you reserve a property at Lumina Homes.

    Lumina Homes digital real-estate selling
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