Joe & The Anchor’s Leaving You Now Is A Moving And Unforgettable Piano Ballad

December 15, 2021

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I love the music of the ‘90s and it’s something that I will never get tired of listening. Just the same, I love discovering and listening to new songs that exude the ‘90s vibe, such as the recently released powerful piano ballad called ‘Leaving You Now’ from indie-pop band Joe & The Anchor.

Joe & The Anchor’s "Leaving You Now" single

Joe & The Anchor’s "Leaving You Now" Is A Moving And Unforgettable Piano

    About Leaving You Now

    Leaving You Now is an emotional break-up song about experiencing first love, growing apart, and then finally realizing there is nothing left in the relationship worth fighting for. The singer Joakim's powerful yet emotional voice will go straight to the listener’s heart.

    Joe & The Anchor Swedish band

    “Leaving You Now has been with us for a long time. We’ve all been in that situation, when the first real love of your life turns into your first heartbreak. We tried to really capture that feeling when we wrote this song”
    – Joe & The Anchor about the song.

    The single is the second one from their upcoming album ‘Coming of Age’ which explores the feelings of growing up, the fragility of life, love, and taking things for granted.

    Joe & The Anchor decided to express their thoughts and emotions through their music after going through difficult months when the band members themselves had to experience the harsh reality of loss.

    During a hectic and focused period of time, the band wrote and recorded what would later develop into a full-length album, which will be released during the spring of 2022.

    You can watch and listen to Leaving You Now through the following music streaming services and apps:

    My personal thoughts about Leaving You Now

    What immediately struck me about Leaving You Now when I listened to it was how much it reminded me of ‘90s music. I grew up listening to the songs of the ‘90s that’s why I get transported to my youth whenever I hear sounds that remind me of that era.

    Moreover, I couldn’t help but notice that Leaving You Now also sounded so much like the songs of LANY. That’s not a bad thing though because I also think LANY sounded so much like the ‘90s songs.

    Nevertheless, Joe & The Anchor has its own character. Like for Leaving You Now, the deep emotions are palpable. You can feel the ache that comes with the death of a relationship.

    As for the words of the song, it’s straightforward so a listener will immediately get the message of the ballad. What’s also good about Leaving You Now is that even if it’s about a break-up, it’s still soothing to listen to.

    Leaving You Now lyrics

    If you want to know the lyrics of Leaving You Now, here it is:


    Why Am I, Still Caving In
    Why Can’t I, Get Rid Of It,
    Our Long Nights I’m Thinking About You,
    Maybe If, I Didn’t Know,
    Just How Much It Hurts To Go,
    I Could Have Put This Behind Me


    Cause Baby I Don’t Know What To Say,
    Cause I Know I’m Losing Any Way,
    But I’m Just So Tired Of, This Enemy Inside,
    So Darling, I’m Leaving You Now


    Why Am I, Back Here Again
    Why Can’t I, Just Let Her In,
    My Long Nights Without You Beside Me, Oh No
    Why Can’t I, Make Up My Mind,
    Always Leaving You Behind,
    Still I Keep Thinking About You


    Cause Baby I Don’t Know What To Say,
    Cause I Know I’m Losing Any Way,
    But I’m Just So Tired Of, This Enemy Inside,
    So Darling, I’m Leaving You Now

    Cause Baby I Don’t Know What To Say,
    Cause I Know I’ll Lose You Any Way,
    But I’m Just So Tired Of, This Enemy Inside,
    So Darling, I’m Leaving You Now

    Darling, I’m Leaving You Now
    I’m Leaving
    You Now

    Get to know Joe & The Anchor

    Joe & The Anchor is composed of childhood friends Joakim Rosenlund, Robin Zhang, Viktor Edsjö, and Ruben Sonesson from Malmö, Sweden.

    Joe & The Anchor indie-pop band

    With their own sound and a distinct image, they produce modern, guitar-driven indie pop which resembles a mixture of LANY and 1975 with inspiration from the timelessness of greats such as Fleetwood Mac and Del Amitri. Everything they produce - music, videos, graphic designs, etc. - they do independently and together as a band.

    Earlier this year they released their extended play (EP) record ‘Blue’ which was a huge milestone for the band. It helped them gain their incredibly supportive fan base called ‘Sailors’ and recognition abroad.

    The EP got plays from one of Philippines largest radio stations “Wish 107.5” and the track ‘Wait On Me' debuted at #3 on the US-based internet radio show “Pop Smash” Radio weekly top 10 with 892K votes (it was on the top 10 for 6 weeks).

    The incredibly high votes show how engaged and supportive their fan base 'Sailors' is! The band also played Sweden's largest digital festival ‘Låt Live Leva’ as well as for TEDx (watch snippets of both performances here).


    Joe & The Anchor is an international band to watch out for here in the Philippines. The band recently released a new single called Leaving You Now which is an emotional break-up song that reminds us all of those fleeting moments when we’ve realized that it’s time to let go of a relationship.

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