JobStreet & CSC’s Virtual Career Fair To Open 24,000 Gov't Jobs

September 09, 2021

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If you are looking to start a career in government service, then you should attend JobStreet’s nationwide Virtual Career Fair from September 20 to 24, 2021. This initiative, organized by JobStreet in partnership with the Civil Service Commission (CSC), will bring more than 24,000 government job openings to aspirants all over the country.

JobStreet and Civil Service Commission's Virtual Career Fair

JobStreet & CSC’s Virtual Career Fair To Open 24,000 Gov't Jobs 

    JobStreet is aware that the pandemic has greatly affected many employees, with some even losing their jobs because the company that they are working for had to close shop. As such, JobStreet’s Virtual Career Fair embodies its longstanding commitment to providing meaningful employment opportunities, especially during these trying times.

    Jobseekers need not google “job openings near me” anymore because they can just head over and register at the Virtual Career Fair website.

    Job security is the top priority

    The number of employees affected by the pandemic is alarming. During the launch of the Virtual Career Fair, I found out that there were around 90,000 workers who have either lost their jobs or are in flexible work schemes because of the recent Enhanced Community Quarantine. This is according to data from
    the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE).

    Virtual Career Fair organized by JobStreet and CSC featuring 24,000 government job openings

    With all the uncertainties around us, job seekers want job security more than financial compensation, as determined by JobStreet’s Global Talent Survey. In terms of job security, it’s the government sector that is often viewed by Filipinos as the most stable option. As such, government agencies are some of the top employers in JobStreet.

    Through the virtual career fair, JobStreet and CSC will bring Filipinos closer to their dream of entering government service. This joint initiative is also in commemoration of the CSC’s 121st Philippine Civil Service Anniversary, whose commitment is to hold an enjoyable, productive, and helpful virtual job fair this 2021.​

    “It has always been JobStreet’s advocacy to provide every Filipino with jobs that matter, and it’s an honor that the Civil Service Commission trusted us again to be a part of this initiative to help candidates rebuild themselves and find an opportunity to be of service to our nation,” shared JobStreet Philippines Country Manager Philip Gioca.

    Job openings in JobStreet & CSC’s Virtual Career Fair

    Job seekers can send in their applications to over 160 government agencies that are participating in the Virtual Career Fair. Among the skills that will be sought by those companies will be related to the following, just to name a few:

    • Healthcare (Nurse, Medical Support, Assistant)
    • Education Clerical/Administrative Support
    • Security/Armed Forces/Protective Services
    • General Work (Housekeeper, Driver, Dispatch, Messenger)

    Meanwhile, the top locations for those government positions will be in Central Visayas​, CALABARZON (Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, Rizal, and Quezon) and MIMAROPA​ (Mindoro, Marinduque, Romblon, and Palawan), Eastern Visayas​, Zamboanga​, and Cordillera Administrative Region.

    Applicants at the Virtual Career Fair may also explore the platform’s live chat feature and Facebook Live events, with the chance to be interviewed on the spot.

    JobStreet launches Career Tools to empower job seekers

    Aside from the Virtual Career Fair, JobStreet launched its Career Tools as a way of providing more avenues to support jobseekers.

    JobStreet's Career Tools

    The Career Tools is a convenient and one-stop-shop feature that will help candidates in their professional journey by helping them make the right decisions.

    Here are some of the most popular tools in the portal:

    1. Interview Practice Tool

    This section contains the most commonly asked interview questions, including actionable tips to help candidates prepare and respond positively for their next interview.

    2. Resume Templates

    These are free resume templates that job seekers may download. They feature clean designs that highlight the most important information that companies are looking for in candidates.

    3. Cover Letter Template

    Jobstreet understands the important points that need to be highlighted in a cover letter to help candidates stand out. As such, it is giving out a free cover letter template to help jobseekers create a good first impression.

    4. Career Development Planner

    This four-page planner is like a journal that will help employees assess themselves in terms of the achievement of their career goals as well as the areas that they want to develop.

    5. Salary Calculator

    This simple yet handy tool will calculate one’s net salary just by entering the gross amount in the available field.

    Other available tools in the portal as the follow-up email template, resignation letter template, farewell email template, networking template, career planner, internship cover letter template, and decline job offer template.

    “We’re very excited to introduce the Career Tool to our candidates and be of great help with their online job hunting. JobStreet is doing its best to support jobseekers more than ever and we hope that through this simple initiative, we can make their career journey a little bit more manageable and productive,” said JobStreet Senior Sales Manager Mr. Ryan Tordesillas.

    You can access the Career Tools here.


    Government service is viewed by most Filipinos as the most stable career option. As such, JobStreet and CSC are joining forces to make 24,000 jobs in the government available to Filipinos through the Virtual Career Fair. 

    In this event, job seekers, especially those affected by the pandemic, can find a meaningful job suited to their skills and experience.

    Job openings in JobStreet and CSC's Virtual Career Fair

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