Yellow Cab Offers Two New Pizza Flavors As It Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

April 13, 2021

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Yellow Cab is one of the most easily recognizable names in the Philippine pizza scene. In fact, if I were asked about what my favorite pizza is, Yellow Cab would easily come to mind because of its unforgettable flavors and delicious pasta dishes.

Yellow Cab's new pizza flavors

Yellow Cab Offers Two New Pizza Flavors As It Celebrates Its 20th Anniversary

    As such, I was quite excited when I heard the news that Yellow Cab will offer two (2) limited edition New York-Style Thin Crust® pizza flavors as it celebrates its 20th anniversary.

    Exciting Yellow Cab pizza flavors

    I’m sure you’d also be excited to know that these two new flavors from Yellow Cab are classic favorites. What’s more, they are packed with the same Edge-to-Edge Toppings© on a lighter crust to tickle your tastebuds with a unique experience.

    Both pizza crusts are a delight to munch on because they combine a light and chewy middle and a pleasant crisp on the edges. If you’re a Yellow Cab fan, you’d know that each pizza slice is hard to resist. You can just go on and on eating the slices because the flavors are that good.

    Anyway, here are the two new flavors to look forward to:

    1. Charlie Chan® Pizza

    The iconic Charlie Chan pasta is now available as an amazing pizza flavor! It
    combines juicy and boneless chicken thigh fillets that are tossed in their
    original sweet and spicy sauce.

    Yellow Cab's Charlie Chan® Pizza
    Charlie Chan® Pizza

    These are then mixed with shiitake, sweet onions, and crunchy peanuts on Yellow Cab’s signature New York-Style Thin Crust. This Charlie Chan® Pizza is one Edge-to-Edge Pizza® that you wouldn’t want to miss out on!

    2. Hot Chix Pizza

    The Hot Chix Pizza is a totally new flavor from Yellow Cab! This pizza variant is made of boneless chicken bites that are fried then coated in Yellow Cab’s signature spicy sauce and set on a bed of cool and tangy ranch base! Chicken and spice?

    You bet! That’s what makes an absolutely perfect slice!

    Yellow Cab's Hot Chix Pizza
    Hot Chix Pizza

    Both the Charlie Chan® Pizza and the Hot Chix Pizza flavors will be available in 9-inch, 12-inch, and 15-inch sizes, with prices starting at P349. These pizza flavors will be on offer from April 17 to June 30, 2021, in all Yellow Cab stores.

    You can also purchase both of these flavors for dine-in, take-out, Curbside© pick-up, drive-thru, and delivery options.

    Yellow Cab’s contact information

    Because of the dynamic quarantine guidelines, you can check Yellow Cab’s current store operations as well as products and services, by visiting their website at and their social media accounts at Facebook, Twitter (@ycpizzaofficial), and Instagram (@yellowcabpizza).

    You can also google “Yellow Cab near me” for an accurate list of branches close by.


    These Charlie Chan® Pizza and the Hot Chix Pizza pizza flavors are just two of the exciting developments to await as Yellow Cab celebrates its 20th anniversary. Do check out their social media channels regularly for updates and new promos.

    Yellow Cab note card

    Yellow Cab Pizza Co. is a prized brand under Max’s Group, Inc. It is a top player in the Philippine pizza scene, with 148 stores in the Philippines, 15 in the Middle East, 12 in Southeast Asia, and one (1) in the United States.

    For two decades, Yellow Cab has been sharing a slice of New York with the Filipino people. Its success is driven largely by its Edge-To-Edge Pizzas®, most notably the New York’s Finest®, and other iconic flagship products such as Dear Darla®, Charlie Chan®, and Hot Chix.

    Yellow Cab pizza delivery
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    1. This pizza looks and sounds so delicious. I wish we had one of these locally.

    2. Man that looks like a yummy pizza. At home we prefer the crust super thin so I know I would love to take a bite of any of these, hopefully one day if when we visit NY we will be able to give it a try.

    3. This looks soooo good!!! I love pizzas and don't mind having it daily...I wish we had yellow cab here....

    4. These new pizza flavours sound great. It is nice to have something different once in a while rather than the same flavours.

    5. Those sound yummy! Very unique and different from what you traditionally see.

    6. The pizza looks absolutely delicious! What a fun treat to have for busy weeknights. Love the variety of flavors.

    7. I love pizzas and would love to try all these flavours from Yellow Cab Pizza especially now that the Euro Football is on. The perfect meal for families when they get around too

    8. Yum yum! We are pizza lovers ❤️My husband is fond of spicy food! That Hot Chix Pizza sounds absolutely perfect for him. And I'd love to try that Charlie Chan pizza 😍I'll definitely check out Yellow Cab if I ever visit your country Philippines 🙂

      Everything Enchanting

    9. I would like to take a bite of that Charlie Chan Pizza!

    10. Love the look of these pizzas! I love pizza with a good kick to it.

    11. I have heard Yellow Cab pizza but have yet to try their pizza myself. Looks yum tho.

    12. I love specialty pizzas! These look delicious!

    13. Rowena Callo VillarenoMay 8, 2022 at 3:30 AM

      This is so amazing. This is a perfect way to celebrate their 20th anniversary. This two new limited pizza flavors from yellow cab looks really good. I would really love to try this two new limited pizza flavors and share my experience to my friends.

    14. Cristina PetriniMay 8, 2022 at 3:30 AM

      Pizzas really to make your head spin, just look at you to have the aquolina in your mouth!

    15. I'm so boring lol. I literally only eat pepperoni and pineapple every time. But, this pizza looks pretty good!