5 Practical Tips to Help Your Online Business Thrive during the Quarantine

August 18, 2020

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For many Filipinos, the quarantine has proved to be the perfect opportunity to finally pursue their dream of putting up their own online business.

Practical tips to help online businesses succeed during the quarantine
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5 Practical Tips to Help Your Online Business Thrive during the Quarantine

    For some, their online business was born out of the need for a creative outlet while locked down at home. As such, we often hear stories about people who start out their online business as a hobby, such as baking and crafting, until it grows to be a full business venture. 

    However, for many others, the drive to launch an online business was purely out of necessity due to loss of employment or the closing of an existing business, especially one that requires a physical store. 

    Practical tips to grow your online business 

    Whatever the reason is for putting up an online business, it is always a must to ensure that it will succeed and continue to be profitable in the months or even years to come. 

    Here are five practical tips that may help online businesses succeed during these uncertain times: 

    1. Combine your passion with skill 

    It is important that you feel passionate about your online business but it is also crucial to learn the technical skills that are needed to market and sell your passion. 

    Passion is of the utmost importance because this is what will keep you going when worse turn to worst and you are bombarded with one challenge after another. Passion will keep your dreams alive even when no one else believes in your vision. 

    Meanwhile, your skills will be the set of tools and know-how that you can use to gradually solve one problem after another. Thus, it is advisable to try to acquire the necessary skills that will help you run your online business. You can use several free online courses or refer to video tutorials on YouTube to help you gain or polish up your skills.  

    2. Plan ahead and plan well 

    You are completely on your own in running your online business. That means that you are the CEO, the bookkeeper, the marketer, and even the utility guy. As such, you have to efficiently plan ahead on how best to balance your day-to-day tasks. 

    Planning is crucial to online business success
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    List down the things that you need to do in a planner or journal so that you will not forget the important aspects of your business operations. Otherwise, you could be inviting disaster, which nobody wants to do, of course. 

    3. Find a reliable partner that can help you succeed 

    While you are on your own in running your online business, it is always advisable to reach out to other people who have similar experiences for help, especially when your operations start to become bigger. 

    One such expert is Project Commerce, a group of individuals from the fields of marketing, advertising, and e-commerce. These individuals know what it is like to start an online business, what it is to experience failure, how it is to overcome failure, and what it takes to succeed in online enterprising. 

    Project Commerce is your partner towards online business success

    In particular, Project Commerce offers dropshipping services, which help business owners who have limited time to work on their online business or who are facing difficulty in how to start their project altogether. 

    Other people would say that a smart person learns from their mistakes but a wise person learns from the mistakes of others. 

    Project Commerce can do the technical work for you, from shopping all the way to shipping. They can help you build the online store of your dreams and they will guide you every step of the way on how to succeed with your endeavor. 

    Project Commerce dropshipping services to help you gain online business success

    At the end of the day, the one thing that matters most is that you and your loved ones are safe and sound. For other things, let Project Commerce help keep you on track, in business, and on the way to success. 

    4. Continue to build your online presence 

    It is not enough to be able to simply launch your online store or business. You have to cultivate your presence online by being visible on as many platforms as you can. A good way to begin is to promote your products and services regularly on social media.

    Polish your social media skills to create content that is engaging and that generates buzz. Tag your friends when you post so that they can refer your products and services to more people. 

    You can also reach out to popular social media and other online personalities to help you push your online business to your desired market. 

    5. Listen to what your customers have to say 

    Another critical success factor when it comes to businesses is to listen to feedback from your customers because only then can you improve your products and services. 

    As such, set up a mechanism where your customers can give you insights, such as in social media, through a contact form in your online shop, or via telephone lines if you can already afford it. 

    Customers will feel valued if they know that you listen to them for improvements and, in the long run, may result in them becoming your loyal patrons. 


    As with any other undertaking, it is always the initial phase of putting up your online business that can be challenging. Thus, it is important to be strategic and purposeful in everything that you do.

    Likewise, it is of great value to reach out to people who can help you in making your online business succeed. Your online business definitely involves a lot of hard work but, in the end, it is all worth it when you start to see it grow and become successful.
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    1. Planning ahead is really important as there is so much to do when running a business. listening to customers is also important to help keep satisfaction high.

    2. Number 3 is huge. I have an accountability partner and help each other along massively. People shouldn't under estimate this.

    3. These are very good tips for startup bizs or more established businesses. Also these tips are helpful during these weird pandemic times or during more normal times.

    4. Great tips, definitely, listening to feedback one of the best thing to get better and successful.

    5. I totally agree with your tips about practical online business. It's important to learn and planning first before you making decide.

    6. Planning is so important, especially when you need to plan every little detail (well, not to the tiniest one but make sure you know the direction you want to go to clearly).

    7. Love how you said to combine your passion with skill. I am a firm believer of this and it just makes "working" everyday easier and more fun.

    8. These tips are really very helpful about online business.

    9. Building your presence and having the patience to succeed is a must. So many people want to give up before they see much growth, but it's important to remain steadfast and focused.

    10. absolutely helpful for all online business owners to start these practical tips to success then, thanks for sharing this here. cheers, siennylovesdrawing

    11. I really like planning ahead. You must also be patient, so we can work progressively towards our goals. Great tips, really helpful.

    12. I started an online business just few months back and these tips could be very helpful. Thanks for sharing.

    13. Lou Donnelly-DaveyMay 8, 2022 at 3:06 AM

      LOVE THIS! combining your passion with your skills... such an important thing that a lot of people forget! you gotta keep the dream alive! Stay safe!

    14. this was a really good read! i think this is my sign to start my own online business lol

    15. Camilo Mendoza Villanueva JrMay 8, 2022 at 3:06 AM

      Desperate times need desperate measures and having an online business is something people would be lucky to be able to fallback on. What I love most here is finding partners to help you springboard your business, but I'm curious how the business model changes if you get a partner to start with? I might have the passion and the products, and I have my blog HappeningPH.com, but would that even do if I'm a nobody starting out on something I just have - products and passion - without the money for partnerships? Please advise.

    16. I will keep these in mind. I think these are not only applicable to business but to our personal goals as well.

    17. That is correct. Thank you so much for dropping by!

    18. We can always start somewhere, sir. I guess we can save up a little for that business that we are planning to put up or a bank loan, perhaps?