From Career Woman to SAHM, WAHM then Businessmom: Lessons from My Transitions (Book Review)

August 20, 2018

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Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag’s “From Career Woman to SAHM, WAHM then Businessmom: Lessons from My Transitions” narrates a story that most 9-5 office workers can relate to — the desire to break free from the tiring and hectic rat race, the search for income streams beyond the monthly paycheck, and the aspiration of doing things on one’s own terms and pace.
Book review of From Career Woman to SAHM, WAHM then Businessmom: Lessons from My Transitions

From Career Woman to SAHM, WAHM then Businessmom: Lessons from My Transitions (Book Review)

    A book for those who want to transition careers

    The book is written by Amazon's best-selling author, inspirational speaker, and career coach Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag. She used to travel frequently around The Philippines to conduct training and workshops as part of her full-time job.

    But when she got married and became pregnant with her first child, she decided to leave her high-paying job to become a stay-at-home mom (SAHM) so she could prioritize building a family. 

    "From Career Woman to SAHM, WAHM then Businessmom: Lessons from My Transitions" utilizes a powerful style of storytelling in that it uses the author’s first-hand experience to weave anecdotes that also provide lessons and practical tips to the reader. 

    The author writes in a language that is conversational and easy to understand. The result is a relatable book, the message is readily grasped by the reader.

    Inspiring not just mothers

    While the book is primarily written for mothers who are planning or are currently going through a career transition but do not have the courage to leave their jobs or do not know how to make a career change successfully, it is also a great read for anyone who is planning to make a career shift. 

    "From Career Woman to SAHM, WAHM then Businessmom: Lessons from My Transitions," tells of a life that we — yes, that includes me — are dreaming of. 

    How nice it must be to work on our own time, to wake up in the morning without the stress of trying to catch the early morning bus or MRT ride, to do things without having to ask for permission from a supervisor, and, most especially, to spend more time with our family. All of these while earning well to sustain our family’s needs and simple luxuries. 

    Perhaps what makes this book effective is that the author has no desire to preach or appear authoritative. There are no pretensions or lofty goals of being a high-level motivational author. The main goal of the book is to inform and impart tips and knowledge that are practical, and the book does it effectively. 

    Putting God in the center

    The author also reiterates putting God in the center of our lives. In the book, Dumadag writes, “Because I made room for God to make miracles out of our seemingly impossible situation, we saw God open doors of opportunities for me and my husband. We experienced how it was to be flooded by God’s favors and perfectly-timed provisions.” 

    “Don’t put your security on the amount of money you have in your bank account or on the size of your investments. Don’t put your security on men either. All that money can be wiped out completely in a split second if God allows it to happen,” Dumadag added.

    She also shared three important thoughts with those aiming for a big change in their lives: 
    • Give yourself permission to change the course of your life and steer it in the direction of your dreams. Don’t assume the victim mentality.
      You have the power to effect change in your life. It’s never too late or too early to make a career change or career transition. 
    • Believe in yourself and in your abilities. Don’t let the negative words
      or disapproval of other people to discourage you.

    What others say about the Book "From Career Woman to SAHM, WAHM then Businessmom: Lessons from My Transitions"

    In "From Career Woman to SAHM, WAHM then Businessmom: Lessons from My Transitions,” the author shares lessons and practical tips from her own experience that are helpful to mothers who are planning or are currently going through a career transition. 

    Nevertheless, it contains useful insights for anybody who wants to break free from the corporate world and put up their own business.

    According to Ginger Arboleda, who used to work full-time before becoming a serial entrepreneur, “Teresa takes you through a journey that may very well be your journey in the future. I love how the book is so inspirational and practical at the same time. 

    If you are a career woman who would like to see if working from home or starting your own business is the way to go, then this book is for you.” Arboleda is the CEO of Manila Workshops, Memory Crafters, and Love Learning. 

    She is also the co-founder of Taxumo. Meanwhile, Dumadag said, “This book is my way of paying it forward. Through this book, I hope to help other mothers become successful in their own transitions. I hope to help many women notice the signs in their lives; and thus recognize that it’s time for them to transition to a new season.” 

    “Through these personal anecdotes of mine, I hope to encourage other women to take a leap of faith into the life that they have been dreaming for themselves and for the ones they love,” Dumadag added. 

    Bestselling author, sought-after speaker, and businessman Bo Sanchez has this to say about Dumadag’s latest book, “Do you need courage and faith in your own life journey? Read this book to receive all that, plus more. The down-to-earth adventures in these pages will inspire you to create your own beautiful story.”

    About the Author

    Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag is a Filipino mother who shares inspiration and wisdom through her books, articles, blogs (Hands-On Parent while Earning and Mommy Bares All), training, and workshops. 

    Book author Teresa Gumap-as Dumadag
    The author

    The book "From Career Woman to SAHM, WAHM then Businessmom: Lessons from My Transitions" is the fifth she has authored.

    She is the President and Founder of Full Life Cube Publishing and Events Services (, through which she inspires and equips her clients to succeed in their businesses/careers while living out their priorities and life purpose. 

    She does all these while homeschooling her three kids. You may follow @TeresaGDumadag on Twitter and @teresadumadag on Instagram to get updates from her. 
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    1. Very inspiring, sigurado ang ganda basahin ng libro na to. Sobrang timely dahil mostly ngayon ang hirap talaga humanap ng work dahil pandemic kaya kapag may mas magandang opportunity gusto mo na kunin agad. I remember before ako magkaroon ng tindahan sa bahay may work din ako for how many years inalisan ko yun mahirap sa una mag-adjust pero kailangan para maalagaan at makapag focus sa mga kids.

    2. I am actually inspired by her
      She is a woman who really knows how she surpass hindrances.

    3. Done reading this blog po. Talagang mukang maganda po itong book na ito sure na madami kang mapupulot na aral dito and worth it to read. Very inspiring din ang story nya. I agree that we need to put God as a center of our life and dont give up to our dreams 😍 Mukang interesting po talaga ang book na ito and gusto ko po basahin 🥰

    4. This is a great book to read, I like that it is written in conversational, relatable, and easy to understand way.
      I like her thoughts, I agree that we should really put God first. She is inspiring. I like the insights that she has shared.

    5. Magandang book po talaga ito . at talagang worth it to read bukod sa madami tayonng mapupulot na aral nakakapag bigay din talaga ito ng inspirasyon para sa aming Lahat.. Sumasang ayon po ako, dapat talaga nating unahin ang Diyos.. Love this book po..

    6. Hindi lang talaga nagbibigay Inspiration kundi nagbibigay Motivation Din upang patuloy wag mawalan ng pag asa sa Buhay, kundi patuloy na lumaban, magsumikapat higit sa lahat yung patuloy nating ipagkatiwala ang lahat sa Panginoon, just Let God be the Center of our Life, at ibibigay Niya Lahat ng Magagandang Bagay Sa buhay Mo .

    7. yay interesting po yung book lalo na base on reality kaya madami lesson ka matutunanan. Thank you for sharing dadi iv. Dapat talaga sa lahat ng ginagawa natin kahit gaano pa kasimple yan si God lagi ang center.