How to apply for Cebu Pacific GetGo Credit Cards to earn points for free flights

July 09, 2018

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The Cebu Pacific GetGo Credit Card is one of the most popular payment cards in the market because it allows cardholders to earn GetGo points that they can use to redeem free flights on top of other attractive privileges.

Travel with GetGo points

How to apply for Cebu Pacific GetGo Credit Cards to earn points for free flights

    What are the advantages of Cebu Pacific GetGo Credit Cards?

    Cebu Pacific GetGo Credit Cards allow GetGo members to enjoy free travel just by accumulating bonus points whenever they use their card for payments. That fact alone makes it one of the best travel credit cards out there.

    GetGo Gold Credit Card
    GetGo Gold Credit Card

    An alternative way to score free flights is to earn points with your credit card. If you are spending anyway, choose a credit card that will give you redeemable points, whether it’s for free travel or premium items and gadgets.

    Cebu Pacific GetGo Credit Card users may look forward to hassle-free shopping, convenient bill payment, limitless access to exciting promos, and free travel -- these are perks and features that are certainly attractive.

    Steps on how to apply for Cebu Pacific GetGo Credit Cards

    Here are the steps on how you can easily apply for Cebu Pacific GetGo Credit Cards:

    1. Sign up for it online or through other UnionBank channels. I do suggest that you opt for an online application as it is more convenient and faster versus other channels. 
    2. Decide whether you want to get a Gold or a Platinum GetGo Credit Card. 
    3. For Gold GetGo Credit Card, you may use this link. For Platinum GetGo Credit Card, you may use this link.  The difference between the two variants is the perks offered by each one.
    4. Complete the personal, work, and other pertinent details.
    5. Attach the documentary and identification requirements.
    6. Submit your application form and wait for the approval from UnionBank.

    Once you are approved, you can already start using your Cebu Pacific GetGo Credit Card to start earning points. Use it to pay for your groceries, flight, and hotel bookings, and online shopping to accumulate GetGo points that you can use to redeem rewards. 
    GetGo Platinum Credit Card
    GetGo Platinum Credit Card

    GetGo's website,, is regularly updated so you may check it out for new promos or announcements.

    How to use GetGo's website to discover the steps on availing of free flights

    GetGo's website is simple to navigate. It has only four main tabs so that GetGo members can quickly access the travel and lifestyle benefits that they are looking for.

    These dedicated tabs are the following:

    1. Get Points - access to pages on programs about how to earn points
    2. Go Places - which is a low-fare finder to assist members in booking the flight with the best fare. With the GetGo Low Fare Finder function, it’s as easy as selecting your destination of choice and using the points slider to find the most attractive deals, and you can get going on an exciting getaway for free.
    3. Fly For Free - a guide for finding the best fare deals to any Cebu Pacific domestic and international destinations and earn points in the process
    4. Member Perks - a portal for all exclusive member offers

    Additional GetGo website functionalities

    Other functions on the GetGo website are Quick Enroll for signing up for an account, a redemption process that is much quicker, content that is easy to read, and a host of other options for topping up on products and services.

    You can also find it on the new website enhanced payment options. Paying with points, with credit cards, or through authorized payment centers is now supported by the new website.
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