UnionBank launches online platform GlobalLinker to provide big advantages to Small & Medium Enterprises

March 21, 2018

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Local universal bank UnionBank of the Philippines of the Aboitiz Group recently unveiled a free digital platform to aid micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) in setting up their very own online store. This initiative called UnionBank GlobalLinker, was launched in partnership with US provider GlobalLinker.

UnionBank Biz Forum

UnionBank launches online platform GlobalLinker to provide big advantages to Small & Medium Enterprises 

According to its microsite, the UnionBank GlobalLinker is a networking solution for SMEs, startups, and businesses. UnionBank GlobalLinker allows Small and Medium Business owners to effectively manage their business, connect with other businesses and potential clients, and save with pre-negotiated deals and offers for their business growth.

UnionBank recently launched the Ureka Forum, the Bank’s social responsibility project and now the country’s biggest e-commerce program that has brought more than a thousand MSMEs into the digital front. The new platform aims to create opportunities for more entrepreneurs to learn from industry greats, set off their digitization, and switch their “brick-and-mortar” business model into “brick-and-click.”

UnionBank said in a statement that the new platform aims to create an Alibaba-LinkedIn hybrid that allows both e-commerce and business networking. To sign up for the platform, parties do not need to be UnionBank customers.

UnionBank Biz Forum Connect

UnionBank GlobaLinker’s LINKER.store, entrepreneurs can build an online store that comes with inventory management and data analysis tools, which can help make smarter data-driven decisions.

Globallinker also carries a networking feature that MSME owners can use to link with other business owners who may be their potential suppliers, partner, or customer.

UnionBank Vice President and UnionBank GlobalLinker Lead Proponent Dino N. Velasco said, “We are strongly committed to empowering MSMEs in the Philippines by providing business solutions and other opportunities that meet their needs. Now we are going a step further through UnionBank GlobalLinker, an innovative digital platform that helps entrepreneurs efficiently manage their businesses,”

“When MSMEs have access to this digital platform, it won’t be long before they find themselves in the global scene,” Velasco added.

Biz Forum houses news, articles, and discussions on industry developments, letting users stay up-to-date and share insights. Discussions under the Biz Forum also provide opportunities for entrepreneurs to promote their own products and services, as well as build networks with other entrepreneurs.

When companies enroll in the platform, they get a storage service called eBriefcase where they can upload Word files, spreadsheets, and slides. These files can be shared between users of the platform. Members can enjoy up to 1GB of free space while companies have an overall cap of 4 GB.

UnionBank GlobalLinker also has a built-in calendar that helps users set meetings. The calendar lets users view the availability of their links and set recurring weekly or monthly meetings.

Union Bank also partnered with merchants to offer freebies to users. As such, entrepreneurs using the platform can take advantage of special deals and offers, such as discounted airline and hotel rates.

MSMEs, deemed the backbone of the Philippine economy, makeup 99.57 percent of local establishments.

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