Relish at Ponte: A Restaurant Of Many Wonderful Memories

March 08, 2018

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Relish at Ponte provides the perfect balance of good ambiance, fine-dining quality food, and great price. Khris and I have many wonderful memories in the restaurant because anytime we felt like celebrating, we would always eat dinner at Relish at Ponte.

Roasted Caesar Salad at Relish at Ponte
Roasted Caesar Salad

Relish at Ponte: A Restaurant Of Many Wonderful Memories

    Our experience at Relish at Ponte

    Khris and I have been to Relish at Ponte twice and both occasions called for a celebratory atmosphere. 

    Eating at Relish at Ponte

    When we received the good news that we were having a baby, we went here to celebrate. When we had our bonuses at the office, we would go there to have dinner. Relish at Ponte has been our default restaurant for celebrating happy occasions.

    Located inconspicuously on the Ground Floor of Ponte Salcedo on Valero Street in Makati, it’s easy to miss this restaurant. However, with the number of diners at Relish at Ponte throughout the day, it’s fairly safe to say that word about this restaurant goes around effortlessly among the Makati crowd.

    The ambiance 

    The first thing you will notice when you enter Relish at Ponte is the well-thought-of design and clean lines of its interiors. The restaurant occupies a small floor area but this is maximized with the skillful spacing and arrangement of its dining tables and chairs. 

    The lights, meanwhile, were neither too harsh nor too soft to create a laidback ambiance. Furthermore, Relish at Ponte gives diners the feeling that they are inside a fine-dining establishment but without the exorbitant cost.

    The food

    For starters, our favorite at Relish would be the Grilled Caesar Salad. We love this take on the classic Caesar Salad. The grilled vegetables added a smoky flavor that melds well with the rich and creamy dressing of the salad.

    Relish at Ponte Wild Mushroom Pasta with Truffle Oil
    Wild Mushroom with Truffle Oil Pasta

    We would also order the Wild Mushroom with Truffle Oil Pasta. This dish is an explosion of flavors, every strand of pasta is coated well with rich cream and generous bits of mushroom. 

    What makes this pasta fare extra savory is the truffle oil smothered on top of it. This dish can be a little overwhelming to the palate so it’s best to eat it with something that will cut through its richness.

    We also loved the Relish Bistro Steak – slices of succulent tenderloin steak served with chunky mashed potato, salad, and au jus gravy. The meat is cooked just right and is already scrumptious on its own. Khris and I would always come back to Relish for this.

    Relish at Ponte Roasted Chicken
    Roasted Chicken

    If you prefer something light, you may also opt for the Relish Roasted Chicken. This is plump half chicken, marinated in garlic cloves, and oregano, and infused with lemon. The meat is very fragrant, tender, and moist. It is also served with a side salad, mashed potato, and gravy. 


    All the servings at Relish at Ponte are good for two; the price of food items ranges from P395 to P650. The price is definitely worth it considering the size of the servings, the quality of the food, and even the presentation. On top of that, the service is fast and efficient, definitely commendable.
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